Fetish Party Days and Nights

We are now fully booked! Thanks for your interest!

A not-to-be-missed, golden opportunity for maids,
sissies and subs to experience a real-time,
no-fees intense environment with Mistresses,
Masters and other subs present.

Some of the sub activities on offer (all are optional):
- lots of thigh boot licking and heel sucking
- lots of cock sucking of strap-on and men's cocks
- Lots of anal sex from strap-on and men's cock
- Pussy and ass worship (of Dommes and Doms)
- Forced-bi with other maids and subs
- Punishment (spanking, CP) in the dungeon by Mistress and Master
- Dinner-service (by maids for the dinner guests)
- Group service - sucking-circles and group spankings etc.
- Bondage fun
- Glory hole use
- Pimped sluts (we will invite men to come and pay to use you)


These events are not for 'voyeurs', or 'shy people' or people with lots of sexual 'limits' and hang-ups. Safe-sex only.

We will be taking photos of the events, so if you cannot show your face (or be hooded or wear a sissy-mask, please do not apply)