We are pleased to announce our new magazine for the TV Maid, AB and Sissy scene!

As you may know, we've been around since 1995 offering naughty online content for you all to enjoy, and we have finally expanded this into a new range of upcoming titles of the absolute highest quality and most pervy erotic content!

We are looking for high quality photos and stories to appear in these stylish new glossy magazines!

Nannies and Mistresses! Get featured and reach a new wide audience of submissive TV maids and adult babies. We will do a stunning article on you that will present you at your very best!

Maids! Photos of you solo or with your Mistress! In your black and white uniform with petticoats, to shiny satin uniforms - whether you are a part-time maid or a 24/7 live-in, we'd love to hear from you - please get permission from your Mistress (or Master) if you are contributing photos.

ABs! Whether you are a nappied sissy, or a diapered AB, we'd love to hear from you! Our Nannies are waiting to hear from you with your experiences, stories and of course photos!

TV Maids and Sissies! The new UK TV Maids and TV Sissy hardcore magazine!!!
Get your copy of TV Maids and Sissies now!

The magazine is out now - BUT please send us your content for our next editions! Make your fantasies come true and be featured in a real magazine dedicated to your fetish!

Get in touch today! Adult Babies can email Nanny Alaya at nanna@birchplace.com (or you can email our assistant-editor Kirsty kirsty@birchplace.com) with your photos and stories - or for more information.

Mistresses and their live-in maids

Featuring articles and photo-sets from REAL-LIFE full-time T-girls and their wives and Mistresses, read how women get a thrill from seeing their husbands and slaves force-dressed into pretty uniforms and kept in chastity 24/7 to amuse and control them! See how many gorgeous outfits these little playthings own! You'll be amazed to see their collections of uniforms, panties, stockings and spiked heels! See how they spend an entire day being a controlled sexual plaything!

Sissies and submissive T-girls

See some of the most submissive and delicate little playthings from around the world and read about how they love to dress and become sweet sexual playthings. Here we see the sweet sissy Amber in one of her many dresses. She tells us how much she likes to spend an entire day getting ready for an evening's entertainment of fetish fun!

Nannies and their adult babies

Some naughty boys need to be kept in bonnets and nappies to pacify them! We have real-life articles of the strict ladies who train and control their partners using bottles, dummies, nappies and frilly panties and dresses! You will be amazed at how many businessmen in the City are kept in nappies at home and controlled by their wives and girlfriends! Indeed, some spend the entire weekend as adult babies under strict control from their demanding Nanny!

Other publications!
We are also producing other titles for the Female Domination and TV/TS scene!

If you'd like to be featured in these, please get in touch! Email us at: kirsty@birchplace.com

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