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Dear Mistress

I am now what my wife calls fully feminised. This state of affair was caused by me having 2 affairs during our marriage which was very stupid. I was caught at home making love with her best friend who is now controlling me with my wife... all this happened some 12 months ago and I was told if I did not agree to being feminised she was going for a divorce something I could not contemplate due to financial reasons that my wife would make me destitute. My options were limited as I have no family or close friends and would be left on my own without help.

I am now working for both women acting as secretary to their business in mail order making tea and cleaning the house and office. I am also made to satisfy both women at a whim when they both want servicing. I have to give oral sex as and when required which is humiliating at times my sexual libido has been reduced as they had me castrated in Thailand 7 months ago when on holiday in a way I like this state of having little sexual drive and my nether regions have shrunk to nothing.

I am on a range of hormones that have really kicked in and I am now starting to put weight on in all the female places both women have me on a diet of no more than 1000 calories per day which keeps my dress size to size 10. I am 5ft 10 with shoulder length hair and I am 37 years old.

I am dressed every day by both women and am made to wear dresses and secretarial type clothes with nails done every 3 weeks to a French manicure; body waxing every 6 weeks; made to wear full length girdles and bras my breasts are sprouting with sensitive nipples both girls love to fondle at any time. As I have said being castrated really has reduced any sexy feelings most odd.

I have grown into being a feminised person and have left my manly ways long ago and I do now like being a woman and cared for and looked after by my 2 women who are very considerate towards me when it suits them!

They are discussing the next stage which will be breast implants to a size of 36C to tell you the truth I am looking forward to this operation which will be carried out in Thailand along with feminising facial surgery.

When I have received this surgery next September and after the swelling has reduced I will post a picture of the results I can hardly believe I am on my way to being a full female something I never dreamed of happening 1 year ago!

It is mind blowing I am still attracted to women so I suppose I am a lesbian my 2 guardians do not feel the need to be serviced from men and cope well with me wearing a strap on or giving oral it seems that is all they need. I have learned so much from being a woman and being around 2 females 24/7 it really is an eye opener into the world of women sex is not the most important part of their lives and they can go without sex for months or even years women need more than sex they need caring for and loving total honesty something I wish I was aware of before embarking on cheating on my wife albeit I am now happy with my state and thank both girls for making me aware and looking after me so well.I only hope I can now return their kindness and I will serve them to my full ability

Love stephanie
x x x

Sissy Boy tastes his first Sissy Cock

I heard the door bell chime from the drawing room where I was reading, and called out to My maid to answer the door. "Remember to give a very deep curtsy!" I called after her. I had dressed her Myself to make sure she looked perfect for our guests.

The day before I had taken her to My beauty clinic to have her waxed. Thankfully the girls there are used to all sorts of people coming to their salon, so seeing a handsome almost naked male on their treatment table asking for their body hair to be removed was anything but shocking to them! Well, maybe the sight of his sissy plastic panties may have caused a giggle from the girls and cause his cheeks to turn crimson, but it's part of his humiliation training.

I, of course, sat in on the waxing to make sure that all was removed, and that included ball sack and crack. I made sure that he was facing Me and looking directly into My eyes as each strip tore the hair from inside of his bottom and ripped from his tiny balls, making his eyes stream with tears.

On the morning of the visit, I filled My huge bath with sissy scent and bubbles. My sissy loves the time I spend on her, especially more so when it's not filled with harsh punishments. Applying her make-up painting her manicured nails a soft pink, it was now time to choose which maids uniform she would wear to greet our guests.

She has her very own walk-in wardrobe, one that any sissy would be jealous of! I have to have her looking her best at all times! All her clothing is custom-made to please Me, and to go with every outfit and uniform she has matching accessories! All quite expensive, but My sweet slut works very hard for her Mistress so money is no object.

In the end I chose a deep Purple French maids uniform with a Victorian high neck collar that has black lace frill lace, huge puff ball at the shoulders that carries down to the elbow; long, long tight sleeves that also has a deep double matching lace at the hem. The skirt is full and short and underneath a huge black net and lace petticoat to push the skirt up and out. Her underwear is matching with a purple and black suspender belt with matching panties - and no maid should be without her silk, seamed stockings! Black shiny 6" spike heels and to finish her look, with  a little satin black and purple maids pouch bag that hung from her wrist.

My guest, Mistress Victoria, was visiting from the States with her sissy and wanted to see just how an European Mistress dealt with sissies. After months of chatting online, she was here to witness just how it was done, so you see everything really had to be perfect!

I extended My hand and greeted Her, and offered Her a seat. I instructed My maid to bring in the tea.

Mistress Victoria gasped, "She really is very pretty and her uniform is immaculate, you must tell Me where you got it from!!"

As we made small talk, her sissy was getting undressed without being told to so I guessed that was the norm. Naked, he sat at his Mistress' heels, with his lowered to the floor. He was very tall, and just as broad with a washboard stomach and deep tan. His skin was smooth, so first impressions were good.

After tea I showed her to our huge nursery, and our sissies followed behind us on their hands and knees watching our clicking heels as we strolled through the nursery doors.

My nursery is kitted out to My own design; the walls with baby pink wallpaper, and two large adult cots which have straps strategically placed. The walk-in wardrobe is at the back of the nursery and as Mistress Victoria walked in she cooed at all the hanging outfits and began to pull each one out... "Its like a candy store! So spoilt for choice! What do you suggest we dress my sissy in first?"

I had a firm idea of how I wanted them both dressed, and how the day should go. I took out two matching soft pink sissy babydoll dresses, matching satin panties that were lined in plastic. I just love the sound plastic makes as My sissy walks or toddles around after Me! Then I selected an over-size frilly baby bonnet, with matching satin bibs and baby pink shiny lockable ballet boots.

Both our sissy boys were placed on the changing tables, completely naked. Before I started My routine, I gave the Mistress a plastic apron and surgical nurse gloves to put on, then put a barrier cream between My little ones legs to stop any rash from his wet diaper, then plenty of sweet smelling powder over his little pee pee which was getting bigger by the second.

Bending his legs and spreading his bottom cheeks I dipped My finger into a bowl of his very own 'milk' that I use as lubricant and gently inserted a fair-size butt plug. Mistress Victoria followed suit and copied everything that I did, and even used My sissy's cum milk as lube, which I thought was very dirty and pleased Me immensely!

I suggested to Mistress Victoria that it was important to keep her sissy male in absolute total control, and that diapering helps to do this. It makes the male feel that he has to 'depend' on you. It doesn't matter about his shame, or that he feels uncomfortable dressed in a nappy and baby clothing. For once your sub is nappied, something amazing happens to a male and its almost instant.

I placed the diaper under My sissy's bottom and his little eyes light up and lets out his little moans, "Thank you Nanna for diapering Me" he whispered with a big contented smile on his sweet face.

I finish dressing him and change his hair from dark to blonde (which is in bunches), with huge satin bows and tie his huge bonnet securely with the sash under his chin.

Wearing ballet boots she is unable to walk, so I pull her along behind Me to My lovely Queening chair and strap her in. Mistress Victoria walks to the guest Queening Chair, and eventually we have our sissies laying there in all their satin finery, waiting eagerly for their treat!

We stood over our Queening chairs, looking down at our girls, then raised our skirts and sat on our thrones. I was wearing the thinnest pair of latex panties that had a hole big enough to slide a wet, willing sissy tongue. Mistress Victoria was wearing black silk panties with little flowers patterns on them, and pulled them to one side so that her greedy little sissy slut could gain access to her ass.

We sat looking at each other just chatting about everyday things while we enjoyed our sissies worshipping deeply in our asses. Every now and then we would praise our sissies for doing such a good job, even rubbing their hard cocks through their plastic panties which would make them moan and raise their hips as we did.

I suggested "I think its time that we swapped chairs? I want to see just how your sissy tongue works, and I'm sure you will be more than pleased how My little one pleases you!"

Her American satin sissy was truly no match for mine. Her weak tongue was pathetic, so I whacked her on the side of her legs with My cane, and instructed her how to worship My ass properly. "Get your tongue deeper into My ass, push it in slowly and deeply!" Little welts began to appear on his smooth tanned skin, but the cane did the trick and his wet sissy tongue was soon pushing so deep into Me that it started to make My pussy wet. I sat back just a little to place My pussy onto the sissy's tongue, and I began to rock back and forth over his now-eager tongue. His breathing was getting heavy as he flicked his tongue over My hard clit, and pushing it into My pussy hole. I climaxed over the sissy sluts face and had him clean My pussy. The slut was polite and thanked Me for such a treat.

We released our sissies and placed them on their knees, undid their diapers, exposing their very hard cocks.

"Has your sissy ever sucked on another sissy cock before Mistress?" I asked.

She informed that he never had that he was a straight male and only ever had sex with Females.

"But he is yours is he not? your slave, your sissy boy to do with as you please?"

I continued, "My sissy is also straight but would never say no to Me. Whatever I ask of him he does because he knows it would please Me. No real sub should come with a list of wont do's; what's the point in having them? Let the silly slut go, if he doesn't want to please you 100%!"

Now looking at her sissy, I instructed "You are to suck on My sissy's big hard clitty, as it will please your Mistress to do so." I began to push his head forward and the little whore stiffened in resistance and begged his Mistress who was now sitting on the sofa watching. Mistress Victoria just smiled and said nothing as I slapped his face over and over forcing to concentrate on Me and what I was doing!

I pulled up his babydoll skirt over his back and thwacked his ass once with my cane. "Never say no to Me! When a Mistress orders you to do something you do it without question!"

The sissy cried out in pain and was now all of a sudden, forward and begging to suck on the hard cock.

I put his mouth onto my sissy's hard cock. My sissy was excited watching me cane the American, and I saw her grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

"Good girl! We shall have you sucking cock to perfection by the time you leave here!"

I no longer had to hold her head, and no longer had to instruct her how to hold the cock, or swallow it. She took the whole length in her sissy mouth, and I took My seat beside Mistress Victoria and watched as the American sissy sucked hungrily on a hard big cock for his very first time.

Knowing My sissy as I do, I could tell that she was about to milk; her sissy body squirming because she was so turned on. So I wanted to make sure that the visiting sissy drank every last drop. I knelt down beside him and held his head, "If you don't want another taste of My cane you drink and not waste a single drop of of My sissy's milk! Do you understand!!??"

My sissy began to shake and begged for permission to milk, which I gave. My sissy gushed into the sissy's mouth which made her choke and splutter and in doing so causing milk to fall onto her pink bib and the floor. "A lesson has to be learnt and this is all part of her training." I pushed the sissy's face to the floor and ordered her to clean the mess, the removing her bib to clean that also.

"Thank you Mistress, I was a silly sissy for making such a fuss before, I promise it wont happen again!"

Mistress Victoria and I pulled up their diapers and plastic panties, then gave them each a feeding bottle of juice and left them on the white fluffy rug to get to know each other better, and then I joined Mistress Victoria with a glass of red wine.

"That was so exciting" said Mistress Victoria. "I can't believe you got my sissy to do that! Do you think we can make them fuck each other next?"

"All in good time Mistress Victoria, all in good time!", I replied with a satisfied smile on My face. "What a lovely time we've had today!"

Hubby is now a sissy baby boy.

My sub, cuckolded hubby stands in front of Me wearing an all-in-one plastic romper suit, which has a lace Peter Pan collar and lace on the little puff sleeves. A slim chain was threaded around the neck and securely locked with a padlock. The romper suit is sheer plastic so I am able to see his diaper through it, a sight I always enjoy seeing!

His head hung to his chest with little sobs coming from the pathetic site in front of Me only made Me laugh harder at him!

I woke early that morning and instead of taking My early morning swim as I usually do before I start My day I entered My little ones nursery and to My horror I found him playing with his hard pee pee, his diaper down at his ankles, his eyes closed and his fat little hands round his throbbing cock was a sight to see but he knows that it's unacceptable behaviour . I watched for a few seconds more and waited till I knew he was very close to milking, walked over to his cot and slapped his cock so hard that he let out a lowed scream! Looking down at him his face turned pink then white with fear stammering his apologies to his Nanna which of course fell onto deaf ears.

I forced a mouth gag into his mouth, pulled up his wet pissy diaper from his nights sleep because no way did he deserve a fresh dry diaper! I strapped his wrists and ankles to the cot and informed that I would be back to deal with him later.

So there he is standing before Me, his smooth little legs shaking and wondering what punishment he is to receive?

I opened up the webcam in his Nursery so that every one could witness his punishment and humiliation, then put balloon plastic mitts onto his hands and a pink leather baby harness which had rings on it so that I can attach straps at the back that bound his arms to keep them in place.

I ordered him to tell the voyeurs why he was being punished and as he began in a very hushed voice I walked over to him and slapped his cheeks, "Louder!", I demanded him.

And so he told the tale of how I caught him in the act of pleasing himself, how sorry he was and that he would never do it again...As he was talking I suddenly thought just how many times he had done the exact same thing but had never been caught?

I put on My latex pinny over My Nanny uniform and of course My latex gloves, undid the poppers of his romper suit, his diaper was full of his piss that it fell to the floor with a thud. I gently took hold of his soft cock and began to clean him with a damp cloth, then his little balls and between his legs. His cock began to come alive in My gloved hands, "My baby boy likes it when Nanna pays attention to your pee pee?"

"Yes Nanna, your latex fingers feel all soft and lovely thank you."

I can only imagine the drooling old men watching on their monitors or maybe other adult babies wishing to take his place, or forceful Females taking notes on how to control their spouses...

I put his ankles into spreader bars for I knew that he would not be able to stand still once I had begun. The ceiling had very strong chains which I could lower then hoist to any height and they attached to the baby harness that I had made specially for him, so now he was unable to touch himself, unable to walk or run away from Me...

I placed electro pads onto his now hard cock, attached the leads that lead from the tens unit and turned on the machine starting with a low enjoyable current.

"Who does your cock belong to sissy boy?"

"You Nanny"

"And your milking times who decides them sissy boy?"

"You do Nanna!"

"Yet I found you pleasuring yourself this morning!"

"Yes Nanna but".......

I turned up the current which made him give a sissy yelp..."That wasn't a question baby boy!"

I left the current where it was and his body would tense and stiffen as the electrical waves ran through his cock. I walked behind him grabbed My birch and began to punish his his milky white bottom till it began to first redden then little specks of blood appear on his perfectly shaped ass that I love to tease and diaper, but he had done wrong and he knew it and that wrong had to be punished!

Without asking he began to beg for forgiveness, pleading for Me to stop, but he has to learn, how can I have visiting Mummy's and Nanny's over to stay with their little ones knowing My own sissy baby boy is untrustworthy and unable to take direction from his Nanny/Mistress.

So the punishment continued till My arm ached from the thrashing and his body limp and lifeless from the extreme punishment given.

I turned off the machine, removed the pads and released the hooks from the chains and he slumped to the floor where he once stood, there was one more thing that I had to do...

I placed him onto his belly and stood over him..."I hope you have learned from this little lesson little one? Nanna knows what is best for you, I cater to all your needs, all you have to do is please Me!

I lifted My tight Latex Nanny skirt above My waist showing My thin latex crotch-less panties and began to piss over his marked bottom, it must of felt soothing and stinging all at the same time, when I every last drop had gone from Me I sat on his face ordered him to lick Me clean..

"Now lay there for a while and think about what you done, I'll be back to begin our day later."

So there I left him to think about what had just happened and why it had happened. I sat in My office and watched him on the cam sob softly on the floor repeating over and over again...."I'm sorry Nanny, I'm so sorry!"

hello sissyworld

I have been dressing for many years now and have collected a beautiful wardrobe of elegant dresses and shoes etc. But the past few months due to the Internet I have been fantasising about being forced into diapers and being turned into an adult baby.

Just the thought of this makes my clittie hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I decided to do something about it and ordered a huge pack of diapers and I bought my first ever baby dress from the BirchPlace store which arrived last week. The satin pretty baby dress in shiny pink satin is adorable to the touch and to the eye and had me drooling and excited as I ripped open the packaging and held it in front of me as I pranced round in front of the mirror making silly girlie sissy squeals.

Putting myself into my bulky diaper, then thick white patterned tights and baby pink Mary Jane shoes, I slid into my baby dress and tied my hair (wig) into bunches held together with stain ribbons. I sat in front of the mirror twirling my hair and feeling my little cock getting hard under my diaper and suddenly I felt sad because it's a totally different feeling to getting dressed up as a TV slut or an elegant Lady, I needed to have some one here to chastise me, to treat me like the baby girl I feel inside, so that's what I'm looking for now, a Nanny or Mummy to take control of me and guide me to become the bestest little sissy baby girl ever!

sissy baby girl jemma.  xxx


I thought you might enjoy the details Mistress as to how I have been changed in public!

One of the BEST ways to embarrass a sissy baby like me is to change "her" diapers in front of several people especially female Dommes whether "she" is changed in the middle of a room at a fetish event or even the Ladies bathroom, it is HUMILIATING but fun!! I have actually been lucky enough on MORE than a few occasions to find Mistresses who love the Adult Baby Mommy role and offer to even change me just like a baby after instructing me to thoroughly wet my diapers!!

No matter how many Dommes who love changing me up on a changing pad (usually a pink colored one) , they especially enjoy telling me to lift my little wet bottom up so they can remove my rubber baby pants and my diapers! Then they proceed to first wipe my hiney with baby wipes and then finish changing me and calling me little sissy baby girl!!

Usually two or three female Dommes will offer to help a Mistress or two change my diapers!! Of course while being changed, they all seem to get to spank my bottom a few times as well especially when my little legs are in the air waiting to have a new cloth diaper pinned on sissy baby sammie!!

The end for now until the next time sissy baby sammie needs to be changed!

Hello Sissyworld!

I am totally controlled by My Master, My Daddy! He in turn is controlled by Me when he becomes My little diapered baby boy, or My beautiful sissy dressed in satin and lace... A way of life that suits us both  not to every ones liking....We tend not to go along with the normal BDSM text book nonsense! We like what we like - the means to an end is self satisfaction, pleasing each other.. but that doesn't mean to say that it isn't real because it very much is! Neither of us would do or expect do anything that the other would not! So here is a little of what we like to do.....

He is dressed in his leather chaps his cock and ass exposed and ready to be worshiped, I am dressed in latex very tight with My breasts bulging out just the he likes to see them....My Pussy thigh boots shiny but always ready for a willing tongue......The sluts we use to play our games have no name and the only reason they are there is to please, to worship as we see fit! I dress the slut in a way that I know would please him, what will make his fat cock produce a little pre-cum...dress her in shiny satin her panties always on show for him to see and stroke or spank as he sees fit! I leash her and to parade for him.. show her panties and ass for him to see...I force her down to her knees and order her to take his cock in her hands and into her mouth, the slut has to please him! If he tells Me that its not good enough I yank on her leash put her into the spanking position for him to giver her a good thrashing! This is the only way to train a slut to suck cock correctly! Back now to her knees his cock back in his mouth the slut is doing better, but I want to see her worship his glorious ass, a place I love and beg to worship Myself so I expect every one else to want that also! she has no idea how to do this so I gladly show her how it has to be done!

There is always a means to an end and his spunking is just that and that pleasure is all Mine! I gag the whore and bind her and put her in a position so she misses nothing.. his cock now wet from her mouth I get on all fours and he begins to fuck My ass with his tongue getting it ready for his fat spunky cock...I tease the slut telling her how good it feels....he teases My ass with the head of his beautiful cock and I try desperately to push Myself onto him but he takes his time...Now all of him deep inside Me he pounds My ass as he rubs her satin ass.. telling her she only gets to clean up our mess for thats all she is there for!

His spunk fills My ass and I feel the warmth of it deep within Me.. he lays on top of Me his breathing heavy and satisfied and tells Me to get rid of the whore.. I remover her gag, undo her restraints and tell her to get changed ....she does as she is told without a word, comes back into the room thanks us and leaves...

We lay on our huge satin bed naked now and put diapers on each other then plastic panties and matching satin baby dolls caressing and kissing, Me teasing his cock through his diaper because his little slut needs more of him;-)

We love to get dressed up and go out for dinner, him in his suit that was made specially for him and looks so dashing and handsome, and Me of course in My designer clothing;-) I lay out his suit and shirt along with his undergarments which consist of stockings a satin suspender belt and a diaper that would not be seen but absorbent enough for what I have in store for him and of course pink plastic panties.. I take My time dressing him, making sure his seams are straight.. his cock begins to harden from the feel of the soft silk against his smooth legs.....I insert a little butt plug and then his slim-line diaper then pink plastic panties...I put on a little satin camisole and then his shirt and tie...

At the restaurant I chose everything, his food the wine he has no say at all...we get the odd look from the waiter and a little smile for he knows who is in control! From My big Nanny bag I begin to take things out, his feeding baby bottle, his plastic bib, his plastic bowl which I give him, his face red from what i am doing...I give him his bowl and order him to go the men's room and wank into the bowl fill it with his his milk and bring it back to Me.....he has no choice but to do as I order for he knows the cane will be waiting for him when we get home!.....Like the good little sissy he is he does as I command and just as he does the waiter comes back to our table with our first course and sees what he passes Me, I scoop it into his baby bottle and pop it back into My Nanny bag.....As the night draws on and much drink has been consumed he politely asks if he may go to the bathroom? Silly sissy;-) "you must pee pee in your diaper and Nanna will bathe and change when you get home" Which of course he does and which of course I gladly do when we get home;-)

A very kinky couple

Dear Mistress,

Prissy Sissy Training

When I knock on the door I am asked to enter and Mistress is wearing a shiny satin blouse with a large neck bow complimented with a figure hugging satin skirt. I am immediately told to turn around and start to strip and to place all my clothes in the plastic bag provided. My hands are then tied behind my back with ribbons and I am gagged. Mistress then pulls a really bright pink sissy beauty/hair salon gown out and drapes it over my body and instructs me that I am going to be transformed into her satin prissy sissy maid. The cape is then tied tightly around my neck and I am marched in front of a mirror. After some verbal abuse about being a very prissy sissy I am lead to the transformation area were I am seated and restrained further.

Mistress then brings out a rustling plastic over-neck and shoulder apron to put on to protect her clothing from staining. She makes a big deal of this (I have a fetish for apron and bibs). After it has been secured my make-up and wig are applied. The make up is an over the top prissy sissy look. Large sissy eyes, heavy blusher and lots of pink lipstick. Then Mistress starts to layout the sissy clothes I am to be forced to wear. Disposable nappy, rustling plastic pants, covered with satin pants, suspender belt and suspenders and high heels. An enormous rustling taffeta petticoat to be finished off with a shiny satin prissy sissy dress. (I liked the prissy sissy look). I am zipped in and then to completely finish of the sissy prissy look a plastic or satin apron is pulled out and tightly secured, then a large plastic bib is tied tightly around my neck. I am taught to curtsey and walk like a sissy.

Next some cleaning duties while Mistress changes into something more functional for punishment. I have to tidy the make-up area and then I am advised to make the bed with plastic / rubber sheets in preparation for my further prissy sissy training. Mistress returns head to toe in rubber. I am then coaxed into a punishment room for further cleaning, but on entering I am immediately forced over a set of stocks and restrained. Mistress pulls out a strap on and I am forced to suck, gagging many times. Mistress then moves to the back and gently lubricates me and then slips the strap-on in (previous Mistresses have said I am very tight so I would need a very small strap-on). A condom is then put on me and one arm is released and I am forced to milk into the condom while being abused by Mistress, it will only stop when I milk. On Completion, The condom is taken off but not thrown away. I am taken out of the stocks and I am lead to the bedroom where I am restrained to the bed with the plastic sheets. I am gagged and blindfolded and left for a little while.

Mistress returns to the room with the additions of an apron and rubber gloves. My head is lifted and another bib is secured around my neck. A gag with a hole is attached to me while Mistress is towering above me holding the full milky condom and then Mistress starts to pour the milky cream into my mouth through the hole in the gag. Some goes over my face, mouth and bib. Mistress uses her strap-on to scrap up the milky cream around my face and bib and then I am made to lick and suck this too. I am then gagged and blindfolded again and await to be released.

sissy susan


Last night I went out to dinner with my partner to a pretty fancy restaurant in London She dressed in a beautiful tight knee length satin skirt and a shiny satin blouse she looked dead drop gorgeous I'm truly blessed in so many ways having a girl who likes and enjoys my kinks.

I wore my Saville Row black pinstripe suit but underneath She dressed me in a rubber suspender belt, seamed black stockings and a pair of  pink plastic panties, my cock was locked away in a device and the key she placed round her neck on a gold chain I cant tell you how hot it was sitting opposite her at the table looking at the key that sat between her soft breasts.

As we ate and drank She would put her hand on my caged cock and tell me in great detail of what was in store for me when she got me home a night of worshiping her ass and pussy before she took my ass with her favorite strap-on. My cock was aching in the cage to be released and my tongue eager to dart in and out of her precious ass and pussy.


Dear Sissyworld

My new wedding dress arrived this morning and I am so excited.

My Mistress had it made especially for me and made to measure for a perfect fit. I was dying to try everything on but I knew Mistress had the whole day planned for me and I wasn’t about to go into a sissy sulk to upset Her so I had no choice but to wait and see what She had in store for me.

I was wearing as I did every morning my black satin French maid’s uniform, it had a high neck and long puffy sleeves with so much pretty lace and an abundance of ruffles. The white net underskirt was full which made the skirt of my uniform stand out, I like to tease Mistress when She is in the room by bending over to show Her my frilly maids panties and from the corner of my eye I can see a smile on Her face as She calls out to me, “you really are a naughty slut always showing your panties what am I to do with a naughty slut such as you?” To keep our little banter going I would turn and curtsey, “Whatever my Mistress wishes!”

I hurried to the kitchen to prepare a light breakfast of fruit and yogurt placed it all on the tray and carried it through to Madams chambers. As soon as I walked in I saw my dress hanging and I swear I heard it crying out to me. On the huge satin covered bed there were all my undergarments, stockings garter, corset etc I could hardly breathe with excitement my heart pounding and my little clit beginning to twitch in my CBT 3000!

I had to wait five hours before the preparations began. I was bathed and shaved and standing before Mistress wearing only my cock device. My face was beautifully made up in pretty pastel shades of pink and a long wavy blonde wig placed on my head.

First was the white satin suspender belt then gently Mistress rolled on my seemed white stockings, the feel of her soft touch and the silk stockings was electrifying against my skin.

My corset was next and was pulled in very tight to give me the perfect girly shape and as Mistress placed each white satin high mule onto my feet I could feel drops sissy juice forming on the end of my sissy clit which Mistress saw and giggled, “My pretty sissy bride is very excited now we can’t have milk oozing through your new satin panties I’m going to have to diaper you to stop that from happening!”

She placed my white fur lined collar around my neck hooked on the white leather leashed and began to walk towards the nursery dragging me behind her. She pulled a fresh diaper from the changing table draw and instructed me to lie on top. She pulled on a pair of short medical gloves then went to the little fridge and got out my baby bottle that was full of my sissy spunk, “drink sissy while I plug and diaper you”

Sucking hard on the teat the sissy milk began to flow through and all of a sudden I was as calm as could be so calm I didn’t even notice the first finger of Mistress’s lubed finger push inside my sissy hole then two fingers gently pushing onto my prostrate making me let out a sound of pleasure and lifting my bottom slightly I could press harder onto Her inserted fingers which made me suck even harder to drink more sissy milk.

A large butt plug was inserted into my bot then the diaper placed firmly into position, my eyes widened as She shook a pair of clear crystal plastic panties over my head then pulling then putting them on me followed by white satin bride panties.

Mistress yanked on my leash and walked me back to my sissy dressing room with the sound of our heels clicking on the wooden floor and the rustling of my plastic panties and watching Her Ass swish from side to side in Her tight black Latex skirt was so erotic and a sight to behold!

I stepped into my white satin and lace wedding dress and Mistress secured the hooks it was a perfect fit! The long veil was placed on my head with a diamond tiara pinned into my wavy hair then pulled over to the front of head. Mistress gave me a pair of shiny white satin gloves to put on and handed me a small bouquet of red Roses tied up with red and white satin ribbons.

Mistress placed me in front of the mirror so that I could see the end results, “Oh thank you Mistress I look so pretty” I looked at Her smiling a smile that would light up the world. The door chimed and I was ordered to go and answer it. I clicked my way to the front door and opened it and there was a tall handsome Man wearing a very well fitted tux. He smiled and said that my Mistress was expecting him.

He followed me back to my sissy room where Mistress was now seated on Her pink plush velvet thrown. “Every Bride must have a handsome groom and he is yours sissy now kneel down before him like a good girl and let him lift your veil so that he may see just how pretty you are”

I knelt down as I was told and looked up at him he gently lifted my veil and smiled, “You were right Madame she is very pretty”

“Unzip your grooms fly sissy I want to make sure that he means what he says, I want to see you make his cock hard”

I placed my flowers on the floor and with my sating fingers I unzipped him and pulled out his soft cock, the groom looked down at me and told me to put his cock into my pretty pink mouth. I began to lick and suck his cock and as he held onto the back of my head pushed me further onto his now fat throbbing cock. His warm pre-cum trickling down the back of my throat he let out little moans, “Good girl make your husband to be cum and you can be sure that there will be plenty more to follow, see how big you have made my cock grow? If you’re a really good girl I will fuck and empty my balls into over and over again would you like that pretty sissy?

I looked up at him pulling his cock out of my mouth I replied, “Yes Sir I would like that very much!”

His balls unloaded into my mouth and little drops fell on the floor, he pressed his shiny shoes onto my head, “now all good girls must clean up after them so lick the spunk off the floor!”

He and Mistress began to laugh, the night had just started and there was plenty more to come and as I cleaned up my rewards from the floor I began to smile.

Sissy bride. xx

Hello readers

I have (as most of you know), seen many slaves. All of them are different, and with each of them I sometimes learn something new Myself. But in all My years as a part-time Professional Dominatrix, there is one sure method I believe in, that works every time to ensure obedience - lock up his manhood in a cock device; put him into a pair of satin panties, sheer silk stockings, and put him into a pretty French Maids uniform. Then paint his lips with pink lipstick, force him into a pair of high spiked mules to totter around in, and the new sissy will do whatever I want for as long I want, total humiliation, My own painted doll to play with.

I have been seeing a slave in Bangkok for a few months now, he was as normal a slave as you could get (typical international businessman), but I wanted to push him further and to do this I have to totally start from the beginning, regress him totally, I have ordered him to purchase some adult-babywear, nappies, plastic panties, Mary Jane shoes, satin Barbie Doll dresses, plastic bibs, feeding bottles and a dummy, and so much more. When it all arrives his body hair will be removed, and he will be kept as a baby, crawling around, making silly baby sounds. I will only feed him baby food, and he will only drink from his bottle! He will be kept like this until I am satisfied that it has becomes normal to him, only then will he be allowed to progress and be able to wear more grown-up clothing, like a naughty school girl, or wear beautiful frilly pageant dresses.

The training will be 24/7, I have such plans for My new sissy, and you can all read  see his progress on My website. How many of you wish to live your fantasy 24/7? Read My new sissies progress online and see what you are missing, welcome to My real wonderland! He so needs a rubber nanny to take care of him!

You other sissies out there, contact Me with your experiences and desires - I love receiving your mail!

Mistress Alaya -

one of My recent maids getting a well-deserved caning

Dear Mistress Alaya

I have been feminized by 2 ladies and along the way I discovered I loved it. They taught me how to dress and what to wear. Even brought me shopping!!!

IN my training I was in chastity, CB200 so my cock would not get hard and I learned control while staying limp. They had me suck a lot of cock and swallow all of the cum. They use to have me deep throat but now they like to see the cum shoot in my mouth and then tell me when so swallow.

I love this very much and thoroughly enjoy pleasing while being a sissy boy.

My question is I CRAVE COCK NOW AND I CRAVE THEM BENDING ME OVER AND ENTERING ME WITH STRAPONS!!! We have discussed trigger word hypnotism for me. This will make me more submissive than I am now. They want me to react upon a phrase and do exactly what the trigger that is planted to do, helplessly, consciously and spontaneously.

What do you think?

Hello sissy felicia

I think any way to improve and control a sissy submissive slut is a good thing. I'm very pleased that you are doing all that you can to be a better sissy and eager to please whoever you are serving. I would prefer that I did all the controlling that the sissy is totally hypnotised by My words and actions from a click of My finger or a phrase spoken.

To make a pathetic egotistical male fall to his knees and beg to suck cock and swallow their cum is truly humiliating and lovely to watch no matter what  method is being used.

Mistress Alaya

Hello Alaya,

I really like your site and would like to tell you what I get up to.

I am what is known as a Bull and if your unsure of what that term means it is a man who fucks married sluts in front of their cuckold sissy husbands.

The wife slut keeps her cuckold in chastity and dressed as a sissy or French Maid and is no longer allowed to have sex as a regular male and is only good for clean up duties after sex.

The sissy cuckold is there to give pleasure to whoever it is ordered to by the wife slut.

I have had many sissies deep fucking my ass with their tongues as I fuck their wives pussies and always have them ready My nine inch cock with their painted lips before I use it either on them or their wife.

To further the humiliation of the cuckold, I order him to wank his little sissy pecker in his lacy panties then when he shoots his messy load into them I rip the panties off him and shove them into his mouth then fuck his sissy cunt in front of his slut wife.

The Bull

Dear Nanna

I started dressing in my mother’s panties and bras when I was young and have been dressing ever since. It was not until 4 years later that she caught me. At that time I had switched to using my older sister’s lingerie as it now fit better than mom’s.

I loved the feeling of acting like a girl. Even back then I would try to copy the way mom and my sister walked and acted. I would much rather have played with dolls than the boy toys I got for birthdays and Xmas. Needless to say I didn’t have as much time as I thought. Mom got off work early because of a power outage there. I was in the kitchen getting a drink and she walked in the back door. Well it was “ What are you doing dressed in your sister’s clothes?” and all the other usual questions at those times.

Long story short for the next month I had to wear panties and a bra to school and at home whatever outfit the two of them decided on plus sleep in a night gown. Except for the school part, I was as happy as could be. I got to wear just about every type of young girl outfit there was.

At the end of the month I really didn’t want to stop. When mom got home she simply said that I could sleep in my own clothes tonight and I could go get changed now. I put on my boy PJs but left my panties and bra on. I had a plan. I had a nightie under the bed and after they went to bed I changed into it. When mom woke me in the morning she asked why I was still wearing these things. My punishment was over!

I had decided to tell her the truth no matter what. So I began and immediately started to cry. When I calmed down I finally got to tell her how I loved wearing girls clothes and that the past month had made me feel closer to her and my sister than ever before. I begged to be allowed to keep the panties and bras in my drawer.

She just kept looking at me for what seemed ages then stood up and went to Flo's room and came back with the same outfit I had on the day she caught me and told me to get dressed as breakfast was almost ready. From that day to the day she died she never said a word about me dressing. Flo was all for it as she said she knew all along that I was a little sissy and I was better in dresses than boys’ clothes A week later I found all new lingerie in my drawer and new nighties in my closet. A note said. “ For my new part time daughter, Love Mom!”

Another 3 years went by before the next major hurdle came along. One day I walked in on my mother changing her sanitary napkin. I excused myself and got out.

The rest of the day I could think of nothing else. Mom had explained all about periods to me when Flo started so I would at lest give her some space during that time. Now I wanted to experience it for myself. That evening after dinner I said I was going for a bath. After my bath I went to the cupboard and got out a napkin and a belt. I had seen mom do this a hundred times when younger and had little problems putting it on. I found I could tuck my parts back between my legs and the napkin fit perfectly. I was and am very small in that department. I put my nightie on and went back downstairs. I didn’t say anything to mom or Flo and for the next 2 days always had a napkin on while in the house and dressed. Then on the third I was in my room and my aunt came for a visit. I quickly changed into a pair of pants and shirt and went down to greet her. After she left mom said she wanted to see me upstairs. I followed her up and she asked me to wait in her room. She went to the bathroom and came back with the box of Kotex in her hand.

“ You are the reason my napkins have been disappearing Aren’t you?”

I put my head down and whispered yes.

“ What were you thinking? Are you using my spare belt also? What if I had run out? It would have meant a quick trip to the store. Alright come on.”

We went to the bathroom and she told me to drop my pants.

“That’s it then. If you are going to do this you will do it right! You have the belt on backwards and the napkin backwards and upside down. That is why when you reached up for coffee cups I got a glimpse of your belt. Undo it and turn it around. Get a fresh napkin.”

She then explained about the short and long tabs and the blue thread. She then watched as I re applied my napkin and made sure all was adjusted properly. Then left and I didn’t know what to do so I got back into my dress and went downstairs. Just before bed time She called Flo and I into her room and set out what was going on.

“ Flo your sister has started her period.” Her face got this startled look and she began to chuckle. Mom stopped her immediately and said.

“ This is the way it is. If she wishes to have her period we will not stop her. You will behave towards her as I do to you and intend to do towards her. Now young lady this is how it will go. You will follow my period. If I wake you up to say it is starting you will get up and do what you must. Because we have a flow and you don’t you will only change your napkin twice a day. When you go to bed and when you get home from school. Yes you will wear a napkin to school and you will take the chance of being found out. We do.” I couldn’t be happier. From then on it was trial and error. Mom really began to teach me about being a girl. Flo never got involved like mom but she never hindered me either. The following month mom took me out fully dressed for the first time after many days of practice and preparation. We went shopping together at some stores she had checked out before hand and then to a drug store where I learned about selecting and buying sanitary products , which she had me pick up first. My first box of Kotex regulars and my own belts. Then with these in hand we went to the makeup counter and spent a good two hours there. Then it was home and two days later I experienced my first full time period.

Since then I have never missed a month. I still go by mom’s schedule and have even learned how to have a simulated flow and how to wear these new fangled napkins and still use a belt while covering my sissy pussy. Mom could not believe it. But I think she was happy for me. She smiled. Of course wearing it this way makes it readily noticeable and over the years there have been many comments made. I look at it as a badge of hounor. One of the best was from a middle aged cashier. I had picked up 4 packages of pads. I was dressed in slacks and a top at the time and was obviously a man wearing a napkin. I was alone at the till and she leaned over and said: “ My are you expecting a heavy period this month? Why don’t you buy the longer ones. They’ll fit much better over your sissy pussy and still show in front.” On that I thanked her politely and told her I would try them next month.

Yours in sissy hood

Hello everyone

My Mistress just left me, and I'm so upset.. Now I'm seeking the humiliation that I thought I couldn't wait to end. Here's how she kept me cuckolded.

I started first as her sissy that she would keep in panties. She would still have sex with me until I was caught doing several naughty things with her and my other roommates panties. Then she brought home the chastity tube the butt plugs and the strap on. I was addicted to her so I agreed to be in the tube, plugged and pantied.

She would often set up dates with young studs and have sex with them while I was forced to watch in my room via webcam unknown to the guys that She brought home. Then the next morning I would be forced to pleasure her orally then if I did well I would get fucked with the strap on. She would remove my tube, would pull my panties to the side, remove my plug then fuck my sissy hole until I shot my sissy load in my panties. Then I would have to use the panties as a gag as she spanked me, whipped me, and continued to fuck me until I cried uncontrollably.

Then three months into that humiliation I was told I was pathetic and a sissy baby. I was then forced to wear disposable diapers and locking plastic panties all the time, she would unlock me three times a day to use the restroom and change my diapers. I was often wet. I was still plugged and tubed and still forced to watch her. The only difference was if I was naughty I was forced to wear the diaper all day.

But now she's gone and she took everything with her. I find myself craving my plugs and being humiliated. I bought myself diapers and panties and maybe I'll buy myself a plug... I just wish I had someone to cuckold me, tease me, use me, and humiliate me.

Lost sissy baby.

sissy michelle's Mistress

My Mistress has a date this evening and it is part of my duties to assist her in her preparations for her night out. I am of course dressed in my latex maids outfit, black seamed stockings and heels. Mistress has attached my slave's collar.

I run Mistress's bath for her, ensuring it is the right temperature with the bath oils I know Mistress enjoys. Mistress slips off her red satin gown and I am ordered to bring her a large glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc.

Mistress orders me to kneel by the side of the bath and informs me that because I have been a good girl recently she will allow me to watch her and her lover at play. I feel my cock stirring in my latex panties.

Mistress steps out of the bath and allows me to watch her peeing. She is in a playful mood and even allows me to smell her sweet aroma for a few wonderful seconds before ordering me out of the bathroom.

I have laid out Mistress's clothes for her in her bedroom and she dresses in her beautiful corset, stockings and 4 inch heels. There is a slight blemish on one of Mistress's shoes and I am ordered to clean it, until it shines, with my tongue.

There is a knock at the door and Mistress tells me that it is her lover. I open the door, standing there is the most amazing looking black guy in his late 40's, muscular and dressed in a beautiful suit. Mistress introduces me as her slut and orders me to fetch them both a drink. I am then ordered to the corner of the room where I must face the wall, kneel with my head bowed.

Mistress and her lover then leave for their night out. I tidy up her apartment and as ordered lay out a selection of Mistress's toys, a butt plug, dildo and riding crop. I am very excited now but know I must not touch myself.

Mistress and her lover return sometime later and I make them both fresh drinks. Mistress orders me to put one of her pornographic DVDs on her large flat screen TV. Soon she and her lover are enjoying each others bodies. I kneel in the corner waiting for my next order.

Mistress asks her lover if he would like to use my mouth. He nods and I am ordered to crawl over to him, open my mouth and allow him to push his magnificent cock in and down my slut throat. His cock is beautiful and I am soon writhing as I imagine it fucking my ass. There is a sharp crack as Mistress whips me hard with her riding crop to bring me back to my senses.

Mistress orders me to feed her lovers cock into her wet pussy and then orders me back to my corner as they begin to fuck. Mistress is enjoying the attentions of a real man and allows me to insert a butt plug into my ass and watch them. There are strict instructions not to cum.

In time the sounds of fornication from Mistress and her lover grow more intense and they orgasm in unison before Mistress's lover rolls off her. Mistress orders me to clean them both up with my tongue, which I gladly do, before they retire to Mistress's bedroom to continue their mutual pleasure.

Mistress has advised me that once I have tidied up she will allow me to masturbate to completion. I tidy up quickly, insert the butt-plug back into my ass and cum quickly and with great intensity to the sounds of continual fucking from Mistress's bedroom.

My Fantasy, by sissy michelle

i am the property of my Master.  It's early morning,  Master and a number of his associates return to the apartment after a night spent at the casino.  They have done well and are all in good spirits.

i am dressed in a tight  Lycra black mini dress, 4 inch heels and fishnet stockings.  i am heavily made up and have on my favorite little black bob.  (Think Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.)  Underneath i have on  matching red bra and panties with little false titties.  It is my job to ensure that everyone's glass is kept full as Master and his friends play cards, watch porn and generally fool around.  I enjoy my tasks,  especially the gropes i encounter as i brush past Masters friends.

i notice Master whispering something to one of his friends  as they both look me up and down, they both laugh and Master orders me to sit on his friends lap.  My titties are fondled and i can feel his cock growing as it presses into my ass.  He starts to kiss me and i unzip him, pulling out his now fully erect cock.  i slide off his lap onto my knees and take his cock into my slutty mouth.  i glance up and Master and his friends have formed a circle, they have all unzipped and are masturbating.

i am pulled away from the guy whose cock i was so enjoying and my dress is roughly stripped off me.  i stand in my bra, panties, heels and stockings as Master and his friends tell me what they are going to do to such a greedy little cock sucking slut.  my panties are pulled down and a cock pushes into my shaved ass whilst another is forced into my mouth.  As soon as one cock explodes with cum another takes its place and i feel the cum of 8 cocks dribbling out of my ass and mouth before Master and his friends have had their fill of me.

i am then dragged into the bathroom and hosed down with arcs of warm piss and told what a dirty cum slut i am.  Master makes me lick up pools of piss for his and his friends amusement.  i have not cum yet and Master asks me if i would like to cum.  i nod weakly and am ordered to fetch my biggest dildo and Masters large round silver plate.  Master orders me to push the dildo deep into my ass and only then am i allowed to masturbate onto the silver plate.  i shoot load after load of sissy spunk which Master orders me to lick and drink from the plate for his and his friends further amusement.

Master finally orders me to my room, telling me that i will be punished tomorrow for being such a dirty little slut.

I hope you enjoy reading this :)

love sissy michelle x

Hi sissies

My sissy slut is cleaning My boots with her tongue as I type, her arms bound tight wearing an opera glove up to her shoulders, her ankles padlocked together in her thigh high black ballet boots. Her pink posture collar secured tightly around her neck keeping her head of course in an up-right position, just looking at her now in her padded nappy makes My cock hard and all I want to do is fuck her, unload into her and put her back in her nappy only to get Me hard again!

She is My sissy slut, My sissy pony, My sissy nappied toy, My sissy French Maid, she is ANYTHING I choose for her to be at any given time of the day or night.

I like to think that I am a good Master, I treat My sissy with respect and I show her love. I take care of all her needs and wants and protect her from anything that is bad. Nothing is forced between us she gives herself to Me willingly, our lifestyle is very real but of course to the outside world we are just an ordinary couple, if only they knew how she loves to feel my cock inside her sissy ass daily, how she begs her Master to sit on the special seat so she may put her wet tongue deep in My hole as I wank My cock slowly ready to fill her mouth with My warm spunk. I then bib her, and drag her to our bathroom to use her mouth to piss in, and she expects to have My boot on her head and pushed to the floor if she misses a drop!

Her mouth and sissy ass are Mine. She's My sissy rubber doll, My sissy plastic barbie, My sissy PVC slut and as I watch her tongue glide over My boot and her big eyes looking up at Me, My now hard throbbing wet cock in My pants twitching for her ass I leave you, my slut needs some attention, My balls need to unload and My cock right now belongs in her tight little ass!

Master L

Hello everyone!!

I am a female slave and i love coming onto sissyworld and reading all the stories and letters, so now i have decided to share a little of my wonderful life with you.

i have been with my partner now for a few years and it has been a a journey of excitement.

We started off with just a few kinks, dressing up, mild spankings a little roleplay but now we live the lifestyle 24/7 to us it is a normal way of life. i am everything to him, his diapered little sissy girl, his satin sissy maid, his PVC or rubber sissy slut.

i worship the ground he walks on, to have some one know you so well is very rare indeed, there is no room for jealousy and we trust each other impeccably no silly mind games that i have had in the past.

i love being his little sissy pet-girl, wearing little bells on my nipples and ribbons in my hair, wearing only my collar and leash on my knees begging to worship his fat cock.

i sit under his desk whilst he works and suck on his cock and balls, his scent is heaven to me and can never get enough of him, sometimes he locks me away in my cage and i can hear him walking around our house waiting for him to free me, or at least tease me with his cock or ass through the bars, i'm so frustrated at not getting my tongue deep enough into his ass that i cry.

I have a sissy spanking uniform, a very short pleated sissy school girl skirt, he puts me over his knee pulls down my satin panties and thrashes my bare bottom with his hands, when he is done he plugs my pussy and ass pulls up my panties and has me change into my maids uniform to serve him and do my chores.

When he wears his black leather chaps i know i'm in for some serious ass worship, darting my tongue deep inside his ass before he takes mine with his hard wet cock, he pulls me by the hair onto my knees head down to the floor and ass in the air, ordered to spread my ass cheeks so he can spit into my hole for lube before he fucks my naughty slut-hole.

i have been very lucky to find such a Master, one so natural with what He wants from me, i know that he would never hurt me, lie to me or cheat on me, for all i have to do is please my Master and serve him in the manner the that he deserves and he in turn treats me like a queen, of course a submissive queen but a sissy queen all the same!

sissy petgirl :)

Hello everyone
i'm a pretty petite  really dirty sissy. i love for any one to control me, more so a Dom couple who would be very strict with me  treat me as their own sex whore doll, to do with me as they see fit, to take complete control of my life, everything i would do will be for their own pleasure whether it be simple house duties in my swishy French maids uniform, or on my knees giving pleasure to my Mistress or Master with my tongue or my ass. I want  need no rights for their need  wants come before my own, all i wish  long for is to serve, not so much to ask for? But it is very hard to find but i don't give up hope!

slut sissy

Dear Nanny Alaya,

I had to tell you the most memorable and probably most "humiliating" time that I ever had as a sissy baby. The night was 2 years ago and it all these events which i am going to detail for your amusement occurred over the course of 5 hours at a fetish club in Washington, DC, USA at the crucible fetish bar.

After changing out of my street clothes, I put on the following: my cloth diapers which were pinned with pink colored ducky shaped diaper pins; my pink colored rhumba panties with 5 rows of white lace on the back, my black Mary-Jane shoes with pink anklets, my pink bonnet, my pink sissy short baby top (which allowed my ruffled rhumba panties to be very visible), an carrying a very sissy pink colored diapered bag which had my paddle, extra adult sized pampers, a baby thermometer, latex gloves, diaperene, baby powder and baby wipes.

After about twenty minutes, tow dominant females decided that they would be Mistress Mommies for the evening!! First they had me tell them why I was sissy baby and what was in my diaper bag. After laughing at me for several more minutes! They decided to begin my sissy baby "humiliations".

First i had to bend over a chair and they each put on a pair of latex gloves and they each sticking first two fingers, then three and my thermometer in my sissy hiney for a period of 15 minutes.

Then they had me make sure I wet my diapers, so they could announce to everyone that sissy baby had done wetties and needed changing!! And anyone could help and or watch me get changed!! Although no one offered to help them change me, at least 20 people including at least 10 females watched me get changed (a few even came up and swatted my bare bottom as they were powdering me!!

But the most painful and humiliating experience is that they used not only my paddle but their paddles as well and spanked and paddled me in all kinds of positions and between my spankings, I had to walk around with diapers and rhumba panties down so all their lady friends could get a chance to spank my already reddened bottom or just laugh at me!!

A very embarrassing and painful night to say the least!!

sissy baby pants

Dear SissyWorld

I awake in the mornings in my cage always with a smile on my face wondering what my Master has in store for me for the day.

i don't sleep in the cage all the time, Master sometimes has me in his huge four poster bed with beautiful soft silky satin sheets,

He had a special sissy harness made that fits comfortably around my head and which is fixed to his waist so that i sleep with his cock in my mouth instead of a dummy, and if i'm very lucky he slips his fat cock inside my tight ass and whispers in my ear what a good girl i am and how much i have pleased him that day and falls asleep with his throbbing cock inside me, i must though wake up before he does for if He wakes in the morning and his fat cock is not inside my slut hole than i am severely caned, that hasn't happened often but what a wonderful way to start the day a good ass fucking for Master to unload and start his day.

I wait for my Masters footsteps to enter His dungeon and unlock my cage, what will i be today? His puppy pet? His little sissy girl? His satin little sissy maid, or rubber piss drinking slut? Whatever the day brings it is never dull!!!!

sissy petslut, Australia

The morning ritual.

Every morning  when I go into the Nursery to wake my 25 year old baby-boy from his sissy baby dreams, he is always pleased to see Nanna, I release him from his straps that hold him tight in the cot, release the cot bars so that I can take him from his cot  over to the huge bath, I take off his damp diaper  always check for any nappy rash, I fill the tub with bubble bath he loves to  splash around as I try to bathe him, thank goodness for My PVC Nanny apron.

After his bath I put the baby-boy on the changing  table made just for him so I don't have to bend, there are huge draws under it which contain fresh diapers, his plastic panties, powder and baby oil, but before I dress baby-boy for the day we go through the same ritual every morning,

"On your knees little one it's time for your milking" Sometimes these words bring a happy smile to his face but when he is grumpy which little ones often are I have to be very firm with him, but this morning his mood was good so he popped onto his knees I retrained him with the bright pink straps that are attached to the changing table, first his ankles then his wrists, I place a huge dummy in his mouth that is strapped around his head  then get the fucking machine, I pull apart his smooth bottom cheeks   fill his little hole with a lot of  Nanna spit, I place the fucking machine on the changing table and gently insert the rubber cock into his open little fuck hole and push the head into his open ass and turn on the machine, at slow speed at first and then gradually increase the speed, the sight of him on the table, his eyes wide filling with tears, "Come now baby-boy we do this every morning, don't be such a little sissy."

I place My latex milking gloves on, remove his cock device  wait for his little thing to harden, it doesn't take too long, I place his plastic feeding bottle over his little pee pee and begin to milk him, his body is shaking, the fucking machine is doing its work, baby-boy now teaming with tears but his little pee pee tells Me all is not lost, "Milk for Nanna, there's a good baby-boy, fill your bottle for the more you have in your bottle the more you have to drink later for your bedtime feed", no sooner said, the little one screams in a high pitch gurgle and finally the milk is released into the bottle, I put the top back onto the feeding bottle and place it in the fridge, I do this to him four to five times a day  at night time I feed it to him from the bottle for his late night supper feed.

Once done I turn off the fucking machine, remove the rubber cock use baby wipes to clean up his mess put back his cock device, then the bit he loves most is being powdered.

A fresh Diaper and plastic panties, then I dress him for the morning, usually just a plastic romper suit, and white ribbed tights under the suit.

I put him in his high chair for his morning feed which I place in a big plastic baby bowl, I put on his plastic bib, breakfast times can go either way, very calmly or if he is grumpy then I restrain him to the high chair and he is force fed, today he is calm, so I shall save the force feeding episode for another time. His breakfast consist if baby 'rusks' and milk together of course all mushy and soft, I make a mental note of just how messy he gets, spitting out his food, or allowing food to drop on his plastic bib, all adds on to his daily punishments.

Breakfast over and without much fuss I let him out of his highchair, place pink leather ankle straps which are padlocked together to restrict his movements, pink plastic mitts that reach up to his elbows and they to are padlocked strapped behind his back, I change his dummy for a mouth piece, this is difficult to describe but Nanna will try, it is white in colour almost surgical, it covers his mouth completely it has straps that go under his chin and then around up towards his ears and the straps reach the back of his head, then there are straps from the side of the mouth piece with long straps that meet those from his chin at the back, the last strap comes from the nose piece, just above the mouth  piece at the top of his top lip, his nosed is exposed but the leather straps go around it then one single strap goes up the center of his forehead that meets all the straps at the back of his head, it is all secured  tightly and the little one is safe and secure with no fear of escape or making any noise.

I then place him in his play pen in the TV room I switch on the TV and there he sees his Nanna's beautiful bedroom, with her Satin bed and in the corner the bath tub so baby-boy can watch Nanna getting undressed having a bath, putting on My make-up and watching Me getting dressed in My Nanny uniform, I'm sure he waits in suspense, which uniform will Nanna choose, the calm sexy Satin uniform, or the cruel sadistic rubber uniform? Just have to wait and see!

Nanny Alaya x x x

Vision of a Diapered Sissy by Diapered Daniella

The chirp of the birds outside the window is what first brings Daniella from her dreams of sissy delights.  As the veil of sleep lifts she opens her eyes and glance through the bars of the crib.  Though the dawns light is just beginning to stream through the window, the night light still illuminates the wall across from the crib.  The pink walls silhouette the bars of the crib.


Daniella shifts, stretching as best she can to shake of sleep from her limbs.  She cannot move far as she is tethered to in the crib by a harness belt.  The thick leather belt is locked to the side of the by two straps preventing her from wondering off in the night.  Her hands have been rendered useless by being wrapped tight with Vet wrap, a clingy strong wrap that is used for animals, and then safely secured in mittens.  The mittens and wraps rob her of all dexterity leaving her hands useless.  Her wrists are secured by fine chain to the waist belt.  Her legs are forced apart by the very thick and very wet diapers she has worn through the night.  A baby doll nightie is the pajamas of choice for an early summer night.


Being in diapers 24/7 and forced to drink a continuous parade of liquids has left her bladder very relaxed.  Without a conscious thought the water she drank at bedtimes releases into the waiting diaper, spreading its warm in the sodden diaper.  The triple thick diapers raises to the challenge and sponges up the pee.

Nanny and Daniella have a wonderful symbiotic relationship. Each helps fills the needs and desires of the other. They both enjoyed had lived unconventional interests and had developed alternative lifestyles. They shared an interest in gender explorations, Dominance and submission, and a love of BDSM. They had decided on role and term Nanny as Nanny was not comfortable with the responsibility that being “Mommy” might entail. This struck a balance between caretaking responsibilities and that did not cross into infantile dependence. Daniella, for her part, was to be submissive and deferential to Nanny’s will and still responsible for her own well being.

As Daniella waits helplessly in her crib, Nanny gets the day started. Daniella morning formula, a watery mix of single grain oatmeal formulated for infants, awaits in the refrigerator for Nanny to heat up. Once warmed, Nanny pours the cereal into the feeding bad. She adds a pint of prune juice to the mix and heads for the nursery. The mixture tops of at almost 2 liters.

Daniella glances at the door as Nanny steps through. I hope Daniella is hungry this morning”, Nanny says. Daniella coos affirmatively from the crib. Nanny attaches the bag to an IV stand next to the crib and attached the feeder gag to the hose. Daniella has few options but to accepts the gag once offered by Nanny. Any refusal or slightest hesitation will result in dire consequences later.

Nanny sets the flow to the lowest volume possible. This will keep Daniella occupied for the next hour while Nanny gets ready for her day. The feeder gag is made of think rubber with multiple holes in the tip. There is no way to block all the holes with her mouth and tongue. A hard plastic tube extends through the middle of the gage preventing Daniella from cutting off the flow by biting down. The gag is strapped tightly to her head which prevents her from forcing it out. Nanny locked Daniella's collar to the head board of the crib which prevents Daniella from bending forward and allowing her mitten hands from interfering with gag. The pillow props Daniella at a slight incline so she will not have any problem with swallowing.

The formula trickles in slow but it is unrelenting. Daniella quickly finds the rhythm of the flow. The bulb slowly fills once full the excess squirts into Daniella's mouth. This causes her the swallow, which compresses the bulb and gives her a mouthful. It takes a few seconds for the process to repeat itself. Soon, Daniella is nursing virtually unconsciously the the feeder gag.

Bedtime ritual includes the drinking of a bulk laxative. By morning the combination of bulk laxative and prune juice before bed has lubricated and loaded Daniella bowels. The prune juice in the morning seems to ignite Daniella system and she soon feeling the cramps of bowel movement. Daniella is thankful it did not come on in the middle of the night. Such days are very difficult because of the diaper rash the invariably ensues from a night time movement. Even if Daniella had wanted to resist the pressure in her bowels, it would have been a loosing battle. Daniella relaxed and allowed nature to take its course. She grunted thro ugh the gag and the cramps barred down and a mushy mess jetted into her diaper. The diaper bulked out slightly in response but mostly the mess spread out again Daniella's bottom. The bulk laxative turned the movement into a gelatinous mess. Between her diet and the bulk laxatives, it had been a long time since Daniella was allowed anything close to a solid movement. This made for episode of exceptionally messy diapers. The punishment Daniella feared most was being denied timely changes and being forced to endure the resulting dirty diapers.

Nanny was passing by as a particular noisy movement occurred. “Sounds like Daniella has made a mess”, She said poking her head in. These were always humiliating moments for Daniella. Being messy was such a unsettling feeling and having someone acknowledge it was always demoralizing. Daniella could only helplessly moan a response from behind the gag. It would be another 30 minutes before Nanny came to release her. Daniella could only hoped the messy slurry stayed in place.

Nanny came into the as Daniella waited in her miserably messy condition. It was time to get ready for the day. Nanny unlocked the crib and released Daniella for her overnight predicament. Daniella glanced at the changing table seeing several think diapers laid out.

“You are quite a mess so you will have to change in the tube,” Nanny directed. Nanny unlocked the locking plastic panties and with a swat to her full diapers, sent her off to the bathroom. Daniella got out a little pick changing bucket and lined it with a plastic bag before slipping of her protective plastic panties. She set the bucket in the tub and squatted over it before releasing the tabs of the disposable diapers. One by one she peeled off the layers, each layer messier than the last. Each underlay had been slit to allow the liquid to soak through. The final layer fell away and Daniella was left with the results of her morning movement. The gelatinous mess was spread both front and back. It even caked the chastity she wore, a CB3000. She took several baby wipes can began to methodically scrape the mess away from her skin into the bucket below. The exhaust fan kept the odor down and Daniella sprits a floral scent in the air to eliminate the smell as best she could. Once she had removed as much as she could, she closed the shower curtain and used a shower wand to thoroughly wash herself. She also examined herself to make sure the body hair was all removed. She kept herself shaved from below the eye. This required a weekly ritual shaving with periodic maintenance of fast growth areas. She had recently begun a laser hair remove in hopes to once and for all eliminate all the unwanted hair, but this was a process that would take some time to complete.

Nanny popped into the bathroom as Daniella was finishing up. “Lets get you diapered and ready for the day”, Nanny said leading Daniella to the changing table by her wrist. Daniella followed Nanny’s lead and laid upon the thick diapers. Nanny hummed to her self as she spread some baby cream on Daniella bottom. Daniella always seemed to have sensitive spots but the messy diaper had been removed and cleaned soon enough so that diaper rash had not bloomed. Nanny ran her had to Daniella caged sex, slider her finds along the cage. The CB3000 denied any sensation from penetrating. Nanny spread some cream upon Daniella balls dangle be low causing a moan of delight from Daniella.

“How long has it been now, two weeks?” Nanny inquired rhetorically. “If you are a very good girl, I may take the vibrator to you,” Nanny teased.

The diapers and CB3000 made an effective chastity regimen that prevented any unauthorized pleasure. Locked in her sissy delight and denied regular release, Daniella was constantly in an erotic state. Satisfied with her torment, Nanny pulled the diaper between Daniella legs and fastened the tape. A slit had been made down the center of the diaper which fed into the next, slightly large one below. This was quickly secured with a third largest one over the top. The thickness forced Daniella to walk with a waddle as she could not get legs together with the bulk between them. Nanny pulled up a terry lined plastic panties to catch any leaks. The final layer was a locking part of pink plastic panties, which had a chain that rant through the waist band and locked in front. A pink T-shirt of pulled over Daniella's head followed by a plastic romper. The bottom of the romper was cut generously to accommodate the thickest diaper arrangement.

“You are set for the day. Get yourself made up and report for duty,” Nanny snapped and headed out the door. The liquid of the breakfast had flushed through Daniella's system and no sooner had she sat up from being changed; she felt the first tinkle of pee flow from her relaxed bladder. Daniella waddled to the makeup table and spent the next half hour completing her sissy transformation. Rosy cheeks, light pink eye shadow and lip stick. Her long hair topped by a pink bow. A pair of white anklet socks and black Mary-Jane shoes completed the look.

It was midmorning when Daniella presented herself to Nanny in the kitchen. It was time for Daniella's part of the Faustian bargain. In exchange for a place and Nanny’s loving attention, Daniella was responsible for all the domestic duties in the house. In addition to being the maid, Daniella acted as Nanny’s secretary. Nanny handed her a list of household chores that needed to be completed during the day. This bargain gave them both things that they needed. Daniella is able to live the dream (and sometimes nightmare) of a kept diapered sissy; in return Nanny received a well tended house, help with her business, and a loyal companion.

You can see more of the lovely Daniella at


I have always thought there was something missing in My life, and relationship after another it just was never there, although to be honest I never really knew what it was that was missing?

I now know what I need, I need a Daddy, I need him to teach me to be a good little Daddies girl. To dress me in diapers and plastic panties; to dress me up in baby clothes; to feed me from my bottle in my high chair!!!!

I want him to teach me how to kiss and please Daddies big cock, which will make Daddies girl feel very special and all tingly too!!!!

A Daddy that will take care of me, give me presents when i please him, like a new satin dress, or new plastic panties, he will know what is good for his baby girl, spank my bottom when i need to be punished, but will never forget to kiss my bottom better because he loves his baby girl so much!!!!

All i need now is to find a Daddy to claim me as his to control me as he sees fit, this is what is missing in my life.

Baby girl in search of her Daddy

I have only just started anal play on myself, I started off with the smallest dildo and butt plugs, bought bigger ones as I got used to them, but now I am struggling on my own to take it further. I am a true sissy slut that needs to be tied down and gagged by a Mistress and fucked with her strap-on its the only way I think I will be able to take it, but i know this is what i must do now to take my sissy hole fuck training further.

My dream as I am sure most of the sissies that are reading this is to have my very own one to one relationship with a girlfriend who will be into doing this. I have nothing against Professional Dommes but I wish my first time to be with with some one i care about and who really loves to control her sissy boyfriend in this way. I would give her the world, why is it so hard to find a girlfriend like that?


Hello Macy

Thank you for the email and the piccy of yourself. What a huge shame your so far away, I would gladly be the first to take your virgin ass with My strap-on :)

Maybe you should join an online group in your area, or you never know some beautiful Domme just might read you begging pleas here and get in touch with you though us.

Do let us know when your cherry has been broken.

Mistress Alaya

Dear SissyWorld

I return to my office desk after a long lunch to find a note left on my pc. Written on it, in big bold letters is “I KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN UP TO – UNLESS YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO JAIL I SUGGEST YOU COME TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS TONIGHT AT 8PM – ALONE, YOU WILL BE FOLLOWED”.

My heart is pounding, for some time now I had been taking reasonable amounts of money from the company side account. I thought I had all bases covered and that I could never get caught – but it seems I was wrong. What's was worse is that I had no idea who this was from.

All afternoon my head was pounding, who is this, what do they want? I left the office at 6pm and just drove around for the next two hours, until I eventually decided that I had no choice but to meet whoever it was who left the note.

The address took me deep into the countryside, so deep that after a while I couldn’t remember seeing another house for over 30 minutes. I pull up at a huge mansion, take a deep breath and force myself to drive up the long wooded road leading up to the house. The house is very large with a huge oak door and as I get out of the car I feel sick and worried for my life. I knock on the door and to my slight relief hear the sound of stilettos on stone floor.

The door opens and you are stood before me dressed in a very dominant business suit – tight black skirt, white satin shirt with a tight black fitted jacket done up, a long thin silk scarf around your neck and running down under the lapels of the jacket, you have seamed stockings on and very very high stiletto shoes.

I stare at you and relief washes over me “Come in” you purr and I step through into a huge hallway, you close the door and beckon me to follow you to the lounge where you take a seat in a huge leather chair but, I am told to stand. “What am I doing here” I question. You say nothing and pass me over a blank envelop, I gingerly open it up and see everything – my secret bank account, my trips abroad, my expensive car, everything linking me to the crime. My heart is pounding.

“That’s your copy” I notice the tone in your voice has gone cold “Now, It would seem we have a bit of a situation doesn’t it?”

“What do you want from me” I ask.

“Very good question, I’ll tell you what I want, I want to have my fun with you, I want to own you, I want a new plaything that I can use and abuse to my whim. For you see its very lonely living alone in this big mansion and I require a full time person….well…(and you smile), member of staff to live hear and attend to my EVERY need.”

“You must be joking” I cough and start walking towards you.

“What are you going to do, oh….I see your trying to test me?” You pick up a phone and push redial, as if by magic a voice comes through the loud speaker.

“emergency services”

“Yes police please” you snap quickly

You are put through, “Hello police”

“Oh yes, officer I have some information that you may find interesting, I want you to send two of your heavy policeman round to my house as I am holding a man wanted for corporate fraud……….”

“Please…..” I beg “Please don’t.”

“So, you are going to obey me then?” you snap.

“What choice do I have.”

“Good boy” you purr once again and cut the phone dead.

You stand up to face me and produce a piece of paper which has all details of my crime and the evidence needed to put me away
“Sign this” you order

I do so and you snatch it back, an evil smile forming on your face.

“Very good boy” you say, your tone purring once more “now strip completely for me – This instant. Place your clothes in this bag” you pull out a sport bag from behind the chair and thrust it in my hands”

I am now standing completely nude in front of you and you walk towards me. You circle round me a couple of times, eying every inch of me before standing in front of me. You very slowly pull one end of your silk scarf so that it unwinds from you and floats down into your hands, as you begin talking you start playing with the scarf in your hands.

“Im going to have some fun with you – I really don’t think you know just how far this will go.”

You step toward me, taking the scarf and wrapping it round my neck once, before pulling on either end so that it constricts me ever so slightly and im pulled towards your glaring eyes. The scarf is soft against my skin and smells sweetly of your perfume.

“Do you like the feel of this silk scarf?” you ask, you see my cock move slightly “Its very soft isn’t it?, Hmmm, I think maybe you do”

You pull one end, and as it unwinds from my neck you allow it to float down to my cock and you gently caress my now growing cock with it.

“Im going to enjoy this boy……or I think as I will call you from now on…….girl.”

You stare straight at me “Put your hands behind your back” you order “DO IT NOW GIRL.”

I obey and you walk round behind me, I feel my wrists being pushed together and the silk scarf being wrapped around and around until I can no longer move them, you finish this by tying a big bow.

“there……that’s much better, and now for a branding”

You pull out from your pocket a ribbon of black satin and thread what looks like a huge gold pendant in the shape of an A.

“This proves you are mine”

You place it around my neck and tie it pull it tight like a choker, then you also tie this in a small neat bow, the pendant hangs tightly around my neck

“Very Pretty, but we wouldn't want you to be able to take it off would we??”

You grab a small gold pinned piece of jewelry which pierces the knotted bow and clips shut so that the chocker is now locked to my neck

I'm wondering what is going to happen next and it doesn’t take you long

“Follow me now, come on don’t be slow or I’ll place your legs in hobble and spank you for every step you make”

I follow you to a huge staircase which you climb in front of me, I can’t but help staring at your tight skirt around your arse as you climb the stairs.

We arrive at the top and im taken into a bedroom. The bed is a huge king size with four posters and a peculiar almost medieval headboard, There are draws everywhere and a huge wardrobe, It smells very feminine. On one side of the wall is what looks like hooks, placed randomly at various heights.

“So, you want to know what I intend….well….your going to be my new pet girl, and what a girl you will be. I want to humiliate you, to tease you, torture you and squeeze every bit of manhood out of you so that you are completely mine. I will surround you be feminine things, lock them to your body and make sure that every minute of the day your body feels something silky against it. That is unless I want you in something that is deliberately uncomfortable!” You make a smirk.

“Now what first”

You remove your business jacket to reveal the white satin shirt which hugs your amazing figure, you reach into a draw and slip on a pair of black silk gloves then walk back to me and stroke my face

“Lets begin” You whisper in my ear

You go over to the wardrobe and open it, it is full of various boxes with designer labels on them. You open the first box and out out something which I can’t see, you turn around to reveal your holding a black satin basque very delicately embroidered with lace and a long satin robe in which has embroidered into it - the letter A at each end.

“No behave yourself as I'm going to untie your hands girl, but before I do remember this – your mine, once false move and the consequences will be severe do you understand?

I nod

“Say yes Mistress…..SAY IT”

“Yes Mistress” I murmer.

“Good girl” and you stroke my behind with your gloved hands and you untie my wrists.

You slip the basque around me and run the silk ribbon through the eye-lits at the back, you then start pulling and pulling. The basque tightens around my waste until it holds firm around me, you finish this by tying yet another big bow at the bottom and let the ends of the ribbon hag down with the letters clearly showing

You return to a different part of the wardrobe and pull out another box which you bring round and place on a dresser in front of me, you stare at me as your hands open the box. You first pull out a black satin slip with white lace detail, you walk over to me smiling as you run drape the slip over my now huge cock.

“Doesn’t it feel nice, you like it don’t you. Feel the cool soft satin over your cock”

“Please mistress no more”

“Ssssssh”, you squeeze my cock through the satin, “not another word”

You order me to step into the slip, and you very very slowly pull it up my body, slowing down when you reach my cock and letting it glide over me. Once my arms are through you smooth it down. And stand back to appreciate

“Touch it, run your hands over it….DO IT NOW”

I stroke the fabric, trying not to think about my bulging cock, you watch me like a hawk and pull out some black satin french knickers.

“These will do nicely, step into them now girl”

You pull the knickers up my leg and just before they reach my cock you stop and let them fall to the floor.

“I think its time for you next shock girl, we can’t have this bulging at the front can we?

You go into a small draw and pull out what looks like a plastic tube, you hold it up in front of my face.

“Do you know what this is?” you purr “This is just one more thing that shows you belong to me now”

You leave the room for what seems like a second and I'm confused when you bring back a bowl of ice. You grab my cock and thrust it in the ice. The ice is freezing and makes my cock shrivel to its smallest size. Once satisfied you slip over a plastic ring which sits behind my balls.

“Say goodbye” you say and slip the tube over my cock. The tube slots into the ring and you fasten it with a small padlock which clicks shut. My cock is now locked away. You finish this off by tying a small black satin ribbon around the device and fashioning a small bow again at the front.

“Only I have the key to this device girl, you will get to respect me one way or another!!”

You pull up the satin knickers until they are hugging my cock. You caress my balls through the material and smile to yourself.

You produce black silk stockings and make me step into them, making sure you roll them slowly up my legs until they are held in place at the top by the basque, one at a time.

“Doesn’t that feel better girl, your whole body is encased in silky feminine material….oooh girl your making me very wet, but that surprise is nearly here, Now, last but not least”

You go over to another wardrobe and to my horror, you display a black satin French Maids outfit, with white lace trimming and a white satin apron.

“This will be your uniform every day girl, isn’t it pretty. Look here, I have had embroidered in to the neck M.A. to show your mine……now Come here, COME HERE”

I walk over to you and you unzip the dress

“Get in it”

I step into it and you pull it up, forcing my arms through it and you start to zip it up until the zip is at the top of my neck. You produce one more padlock and lock me into the dress. Your gloved hands start smoothing it so making sure everything is fitted tightly and perfectly. You grab the apron and slowly pull it round my body before finishing it off by tying the biggest girl bow at the back which makes me blush even more than before. I don’t know what to do or where to look, it seems like every garment produced so far smells sweetly and it un-nerves me.

“There my maid, and now I think its time for my fun to begin, but first I'm going to go and change into something a little bit more….hmmm…….well, wait and see, now…..stand here…..DO IT NOW” and for the first time you slap my face hard, it stings and I don’t know how to react, before I know it you have pushed me against the back of the wall with the hooks and you have a leather cuff produced which is clamped round my wrist and then clamped to the wall, the same happens with the other one.

You produce a bar with cuffs at either end which is fitted to either of my ankles spreading my legs wide apart….I'm am now totally helpless.

“Ive some presents I'm going to leave you with while I'm gone girl. The first one I have been preparing all day, for you see at every opportunity today I have been pleasuring myself through my silk knickers, rubbing my clit and making myself cum all over my knickers again and again, I'm afraid they are very wet and here is what I intend to do with them.”

You unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor to reveal white silk knickers. You slip these off and bring them up to my nose.

“Smell” you order. The scent of your juices travels up my nose and my cock begins to ache in its prison.

“Open wide” you say and before I know it you have pushed the knickers deep in my mouth. You turn to me “BUT, we wouldn’t want you pushing them out would we?”

You take the scarf used earlier and wrap it around my mouth , making sure that it covers my nose and the bottom half of my face, then you pull it very tight at the back and tie it firmly. The perfume in the scarf mixes with the juices in my mouth and makes my cock ache madly.

You take out from the draw a small bottle of the same perfume and cover me in it. I feel totally helpless and worse, humiliated and confused.

For your last trick you produce a small butt plug which you hold in front me me and once again, that evil smile grows on your face, I try to speak but the gag is held firm.

You pull my knickers down, apply some lubricant to the tip and stare up at me blankly as you push it deep inside my arse. Once it is held in place you pull up my knickers, straighten down my outfit and place a black satin blindfold over my eyes.

I hear you leave the room and it goes very quiet.

What seems like eternity passes and I begin to think you aren't coming back…..then I hear you enter.

“Are you ready slave?” you purr and you removed the blindfold to reveal your outfit.

You are wearing knee length pvc books which shine, your legs are encased in silk stockings. You are wearing a pink tight figure hugging satin basque which flares at the bottom and you have on tight pink satin knickers.

Your hands and arms are encased in long black satin gloves and In your hand you are swishing a riding crop

You stare at me and untie the scarf around my face, you then pull out the gag which is soaked through with my saliva..

“Did you like that girl, that was a special present from your mistress……from time to time I will allow you to raid my dirty underwear basket if you are very well behaved”

You unclip the cuffs from the wall but leave them on and attach a think silk dog lead to the front pendant around my choker. You pull me towards you and order me to kneel in front you.

“Bend over slave and kiss your Mistress' boots, I want to see that tongue all over them, I want to see you enjoying it as well….BEND over slave”

The riding copy come crouching down and stings my arse, I begin to lick your boots, my tongue sucking and licking the ends.

“Lick higher slave, but slowly” the riding crop again meets my arse and I caress your ankles and move higher up.

“Keep your eyes to the floor, stick your tongue out and lick the PVC on my boots….come on LICK” I hear buckles tightening and you re-arranging something.

“Don’t stop slave” the crop hits my arse three times “Higher slave!”, I reach the top of your legs and I feel you pull the lead tighter, your pulling my head up towards your groin.

“Now look at me” you order

A huge black strap on dildo is hanging between you legs, your free gloved hand is stroking the shaft and you pull on the lead tighter.

“I want you to suck my cock”

I begin to pull away, which makes you pull the lead so tight I'm nearly choking

“I want you to suck it like you want it, show me slave – stick my cock in your mouth”

You pull the lead very tighter still and I look up at you, your staring down at me and I see the satisfaction in your eyes grow and you push the strap-on against my lips

“Open wide and stick out your tongue” I obey and you slip the tip in…”Suck it slave, suck it like the silky girl you are”

I have no choice, and start to suck. You start slowly thrusting the cock in my mouth deeper and deeper, I suddenly feel your hand on the back of my head and you push me to go deeper and deeper until your fucking my mouth.

“Yes you dirty bitch, that’s it – you see I knew you wanted it”

This continues for over 10 minutes until you stop and look down at me, the strap on glistening with my saliva.

“There is no turning back now slave, do you understand now. – Your mine. Now stand up and take off my cock”

I do as im told and undo the strap on

“Good girl and place it on the side and turn around”

I feel you undoing the padlock and the zip on the back of my dress come down,

“Hmmmm I love undressing you, seeing your sexy underwear appear from under your outfit gets me hotter still”

The dress falls to the floor and your gloved hands caress my satin slip, you run them slowly all over my body, they slip down between my legs and tease my dying cock, stroking it through the material.

“Onto the bed slave” you order.

I lie on my back on the bed and you undo my leg spreader bar. My handcuffs are re-attached to the head board and you take out two pieces of satin ribbon and tie each of my ankles to the four posters, I'm once again helpless.

You reach under the bed and pull out some sort of harness gag. Leather straps are fitted around my head and a gag clamped firmly in place and fixed with leather bindings from which there is no escape. To my amazement you produce a dildo which you proceed to screw into the gag so that I have a huge cock protruding from my lips.

You straddle me and stare down at my helpless body, you stroke my face and whisper to me “This is as good as it gets for you slave girl, but it can get a lot worse, mistress has some cruel toys if you are bad……and some evil plans if you don’t obey me.”

You stare into my eyes and open your mouth, the lipstick glistens and you lick your licks very seductively. You slowly move down and while continuing to stare into my eyes you greedily take the tip of the dildo in your mouth and begin to suck. You moan and start to the full shaft in, all the while staring in my eyes and moaning with pleasure. After you have sucked enough you remove your satin knickers and move up the bed, I see your pussy is glistening and very wet. You rest both hands on the headboard and stare down at me before sitting your pussy on top of the dildo gag. You move a gloved hand down and take hold of my gag, you move the dildo all around your pussy lips, making sure I see everything then, when you are satisfied, you slip the dildo into your pussy and start to fuck my mouth gag.

I see everything, when you grind - your clit grinds my nose and the smell of your juices send me wild. The juices cover my face and drip down the dildo. You stop and turn around so that your facing the opposite way and then, you continue to ride me. Your ass slapping my face and nose as im pinned down helplessly, your cruel hands teasing my cock through my satin knickers….then you come and my face is soaked. You scream a great satisfied scream and quickly get off me to see how I look. You laugh as you see my face is soaked. You remove the gag, unscrew the dildo and push it deep into my mouth

“Suck all my juices slave, make sure you get them all”

The dildo is soaking but you keep forcing it in my mouth.

“Good girl”

You undo my legs and unclip my wrists, “come and stand in front of me now, I have one last chore before I go to bed and you learn your new place. You see, in order for chastity to really work you must remember the last time you had an orgasm – and how good it felt.”

You kneel down in front of me and pull down my satin knickers so my chastised cock it showing. From around you neck you produce a gold necklace which has a key on it and you unlock the device. My cock falls out, swollen and instantly starts growing until its huge. You take a gloved hand and stroke the shaft, the silk on your gloves drives me wild. You walk over to the bed and find the kickers you took off, and proceed to place them over my head so the crotch is under my nose. You take the French knickers in you hand and proceed to stroke my shaft, all the time telling me how silk feels against your skin and how soft it is, after 30 seconds I explode in the knickers and you look at me.

“Open your mouth slave……….Open up and suck off all your juices….come on, hold these knickers for me and suck off your cum.”

I take the knickers and obey, I feel you take the device and fit it around my cock once more and I hear the click of the padlock.

“Good girl, there will never be escape for you.”

Hope you liked it, I just had to get it out of my system for you.


Hello Nannies!

I love your site! I am fortunate enough to have a very understanding girlfriend who adores me dressed up as her baby sissy boy. We have amassed a huge collection of plastic panties, bibs, booties, bonnets and sissy dresses. We spend many lovely hours acting our our wildest fantasies.

I no longer use the toilet for pee-wees and Nanny loves changing my wet nappy, or making me stay in it for long periods. I adore her and would do anything for her.

I would love to see more films of strict nannies spanking and nappying their boyfriends and husbands!

Sissy trixi

Hi there, I am a closet TV of 20 years and would love to find a mistress or nanny to keep me in plastic panties and satin.

What do I need to do to find one? I am having no luck!

Sissy Betty

Hello Sissy Betty

Get some lovely photos made and have some lovely costumes. Get your body in great shape and you'll have more chances! Too many naughty little ones don't do these basics, which (in my opinion) are the basics!

Mistress Alaya x

Dear Sissyworld

I am a cheeky rubber slut maid whore!!!!

How I long to find a Mistress to digress me into her nappy little girl, bathe me, powder me, put on a fresh big padded diaper with plastic panties with matching rubber plastic baby doll, little booties and bibbed, waiting in my high chair to be fed from my bottle that I had been forced to cum into the night before.

i am making my own Nursery, it all new to me, never been on for diy, but i'm very happy and excited about it, all i need now is a powerful rubber clad nanny/Mummy to take care of me, does any one really live out their real fantasies or do they just stay as that?

Really hoping!
snuggle bunny


I just wanted to have a sissy moan with you all!! Every day I go on the web looking for beautiful sissy outfits, in satin, rubber and plastic, but most of the stuff I see is either utter rubbish, or just over the top expensive!

Paying over $250 for a French Maids uniform is ludicrous and way over my budget, and they don't even look that great.

So if you know anywhere that I can get beautiful sissy clothing at a respectable sissy price then let me know.

sissy thanks, twinkle

Hello twinkle.

We get many letters in like yours, and a lot of sissies complain about it in the chat room - naughty, moany sissies!!

Take a look at our BirchPlace shop, we have some beautiful satin and pvc French Maids uniforms, with I think the best petticoats, in black, pink or white - so you can mix and match them. They also have a very naughty school girl outfit that I'm sure would look lovely on you.

Keep an eye out on the shop because we intend to introduce a lot more outfits, especially with you sissies in mind.

Mistress Alaya x

Dear sissyworld

I life to the extreme, its the only way for me now, piss on me force me to drink you all in, shackle me and flog me till i cry and scream out and beg for it to be over.

Humiliation and pain is my thing, think of the worse you do do to any one, well that some on is me. Use me for what ever yourself, your friends, even your dog, spit on me kick me, mark my ass  back with your cane, that's when i feel at one with the world.

Total deviant pain slut!

Dear Ladies

My wife has suggested I write in a letter in the hope of seeing it online. I am 42 and have been married for over 10 years to my lovely wife who is now also my Mistress and Nanny.

Since she discovered my 'secret', my lovely Mistress has been controlling my urges and further humiliating me by using various punishments. I am in a CB2000 chastity belt most weeks now, and only allowed to cum on good behaviour.

I dress only at weekends when I get home from work. Fridays are my most exciting time, with the trepidation knowing I am going to be Mistress' sissy slave for the whole weekend, and pushed to new levels of service to HER, my Goddess! I am scared of what she has planned for me next, but I know that I'll now to anything to please her. What a lovely life we have discovered together, I only wish I had the courage to tell her about it years ago.

I also just wanted to say congratulations with the new sissy magazine and we hope we can contribute something exciting for your next issue!

Sissy Maid Rosie

Hey Sissyworld

I have been dressing on and off now for over ten years, mainly sneaking around behind my family and friends, but all that has changed now. I live a (very!) single life, and can now dress when I please, but the best thing is I have found out a lot more about myself.

I have been visiting a few Professional Mistresses, and through that I have found my true calling, from being ultra straight, Vanilla you would call it, I'm now a total sissy frilly pain slut. I love to be forced into my sissy clothing, the feel of satin and silk on my cock drives me crazy, but then to be strapped down and fucked by Mistress' huge strap-on is the best orgasm I ever have.

I'm looking forward to push my limits even further and instead of using dildos and strap-ons my Mistress is going to use a real hard cock, I can't wait!

Sissy pain slut wendy

ps pretty please can you show my letter on your site to show what a sissy I am!!!


Almost a year ago today, my wife went out with her girlfriends, they meet up once a fortnight to shop and have lunch. So as soon as she was out the door and the car off the drive, I ran upstairs to her wardrobe and began to rummage through her lingerie draws, I have bought her many sexy things, mainly because I could see myself in them. I put on her stockings, black lace suspender belt, with matching panties and bra. I sat on the edge of the bed admiring myself in the mirror, rubbing my dick, feeling my pre-cum through the panties. I went on all fours so i could see my ass in the mirror and imagining a wet tongue darting in my ass.

I have so many dirty thoughts and fantasies swirling through my head that sometimes it drives me crazy, I long to tell my wife about them, I don't want to visit a hooker or see a pro Mistress, I would love to share this with my wife somehow?

Do you have any advice on how to go about this?

thanks Pervo

Dear pervo

I get so many emails such as yours, goodness what am I to do with you all? I have always said, do whatever makes you happy now, because life is full of regrets and let downs, if you have the power to change something that will make you happy then do it now!

Why not try and coax her into a little role play after night out and you are both in a sexy mood, start talking about what you like during sex, you never know she just might like to see you in her lingerie, I know I would.

Mistress Alaya


I am a lisping satin sissy maid, and wanted to write to you to say hello!

I have been a cross-dresser since my late teens, and been though one disastrous marriage, where my satin maid dreams were kept a secret.

But last year I finally met a girl through the internet who is into cross-dressing, and it opened up a Pandora's box of extreme pleasure for both of us. We now live together and I server as her maid as often as possible. She loves it how she no longer lifts a finger around the apartment, and much prefers to make love to me in satin slips and baby-dolls, rather than as a naked guy.

Recently, she has started talking about getting other people involved and having me greet them at the door and service them. This scares the hell out of me, but at the same time is very exciting. She has told me to expect many many duties I dislike the idea of - let alone doing. This includes dick-sucking, getting painfully spanked and caned and being humiliated in front of others!

But she is my Mistress, and how could a sissy maid disobey her Queen!

swishy satin kisses
silly sissy poppy pants, Florida

Dear Sissy World

I want to be a silly frilly satin sissy Barbie doll, only ever to wear pink, and be totally girly.

I so love the feel of satin on my skin, and i spend most of my days, and nights on webcam showing off my slutty short costumes on webcams, having people direct me, shoving the biggest dildos i have into my sissy satin hole, just perfect!

I just wish i had some one to play with full time, living out in the country makes it very hard to find like minded people, but thank goodness for the invention of the computer, I can show all over the world and that is such a huge thrill for me.

Barbie girl

Hello, my name is maid peaches. I recently got your new magazine TV maids and sissies and love it!!

I would like to tell you a little of what i do in one of my normal days serving my Mistress.

I am a full time maid to Her, everything i owed i gave to Her, i still earn an income which of course She controls, but i wouldn't swap the life i have now for anything!

I wake every morning, except on Tuesdays, that's my day off, at seven AM. i shower, apply my make-up and clean pressed French maids uniform, my Mistress puts whatever She wants to see me in before I retire, so it could be anything really, and i still get excited when i retire for the evening to see what She has laid out for me for the following day.

I make breakfast in the morning, the menus are planned the night before for the next day by Mistress, She may friends over for lunch or dinner so i am always prepared, those are the days i like best because Mistress likes to show me off, She sometimes has me under the table with my face in one one of Her guests crutch, be it Male or Female, and i use my mouth and tongue to pleasure them.

Or sometimes just has me standing there in from of them and ordered me to lift up my maid skirt and masturbate in from of them, very humiliating every one laugh at my small penis, but it makes Mistress happy.

Mistress wakes at nine thirty AM, and of course Her breakfast is ready...................................

The joy  fulfillment i have each and every day is boundless, my training is on going, i help with Mistress's slaves, always ready with my mouth and slut hole for them to unload into.

I'm very lucky indeed!!!

Deep curtsy!

maid peaches

Hello sissies

We received a nice email; and photos of Baby Jackie, from the UK.

Doesn't she look sweet in her lovely pink plastic panties.

Nanny Nikki x x x

PS. Here is an interesting article, Baby Jackie pointed out to us.

My Mummy

Freddy was ten years old, and had continued to wet the bed long after he was taken out of Diapers. Freddy's Mother had tried everything, taking him to the family GP, putting him on drugs, using bed alarms, in the end the Doctor told her he will just grow out of it, be patient.

His Mother approached her son with the idea of wearing a diaper to bed.

Freddy of course didn't take to the idea at all, he wasn't a baby, and the Doctor said he would grow out of it. His Mother sat him down calmly and explained to him.

Freddy, I know you think by wearing the diaper it will make you out to be a little baby, but sweetie you cant sleep in a wet bed every night, and its horrible waking up all cold and wet in your pajamas.

"No Mum I don't, but only babies wear diapers and I will feel silly"

"You know what, I'm going to tell you a little secret, I wet the bed till I was Thirteen years old, and My Mummy used to put Me in Diapers every night till I stopped"

"You used to wet the bed?." "Yes I did, so you see, if Mum had to do it, I'm sure a big boy like you can!"

Freddy began to calm down, his tears stopped, but still, he didn't want to wear one!

"How did you feel though when your Mum forced you to wear a diaper, did you like it?"

Goodness no, not at first, I was just like you are now, crying and very upset, but after a few days I got used to them, and it was lovely waking up in the morning to a nice dry bed and nightie"

"Ok Mum I'll try them."

"Good boy, after tea, and you have your bath, I'll put one on you and tuck you into bed, and just you wait and see, you are going to be all smiles in the morning"

Freddy had his Tea, washed up his plate as usual, went upstairs for his evening bath, that was always filled with bubble bath. His Mother died him with a fresh fluffy towel, took him by the hand to his bed room.

"Lay on the bed sweetie, I'll fetch your diaper"

Freddy felt a little odd, he had been washing and dressing himself since he was four years old, having his Mum seeing him naked made him feel like a little baby boy again.

Freddy watched his Mother put on the Diaper.

"This is how you put it on Freddy, its very easy, the wider end goes at the top, that goes round your waist, see just like that, and the bottom bit goes between your legs like so, and look, it has these sticky little tabs to hold it together"

Freddy watched has his Mother put the diaper on, seemed easy enough he thought.

"So, what do you think sweetie?"

"Um, well, its ok I suppose". To his surprise he actually liked it a lot, he felt very safe and secure in the diaper, but he didn't say that to his Mother.

"Good boy, now sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite". She kissed his cheek, turned off the light and closed his bedroom door behind her.

Freddy wore the diapers every night, his Mother kept them stocked up in his bedroom wardrobe, so he would put them on every night himself.

He actually stopped wetting the bed before his fourteenth birthday, and was pleased as punch to tell his Mother so, but just in case His Mother still bought the diapers just in case.

She noticed that the diaper stock in his wardrobe was still being used, so she would just replace them as they went down, obviously they both knew the bed wetting problem had stopped, she knew he was still wearing them and liked it, but nothing was ever said.

Freddy moved out of the family home when he was nineteen, and continued to buy his own diapers, along with plastic panties and booties.

Whenever he went home to stay for the weekend with his Mother, she always had a stock of diapers in his wardrobe, just as always!

The End!

Dear Sissyworld.

Thank you for such a wonderful website, I work very hard every day, so at night I like to unwind with my favorite bottle of red wine, get dressed up in my sissy clothing and go online and chat to other's who are just like me.

I found your chat room on Sissyworld, which then took me to Birchplace. I no longer feel alone in my little fetish world.

I also bought the Pink Satin French maids uniform from the Birchplace shop, it's a perfect fit and looks beautiful on, I'm going to treat myself to the PVC maids uniform next.

I was wondering if you are going to have a page for us sissies to send in our own photos? I would love to see myself on the web.

Sissy hugs. Betsy.


I was wondering if there is any one out there who is in a 24/7 BDSM relationship?

I have been searching for a partner now for many years, but so far have only ever seen Professional Mistress's, which is a great release for me, but I truly want to live this lifestyle all the time, to be controlled totally.

Vanilla relationships do nothing for me, and every time I meet a Woman and try to tell her what I'm into she runs a mile.

So if any one can give me any advice, I would be forever grateful!

slave ian


My name is Peter, but my Nanny calls me Paula, I am strapped to my highchair and being forced to write this email on my Nannies laptop.

I am being punished severely today because i am, as Nanny said, a spoilt little sissy who just wants his own way all the time, and this morning i slammed the front door because i wasn't getting enough attention.

So here i am sitting in my highchair, i have a butt plug shoved up my bottom, a fresh diaper was put on an hour ago, but it is now wet, i have plastic panties on which are red with light pink ruffles on the bottom, i have white knee length socks on, and red Mary Jane shoes.

My dress is made of plastic, its red to match my plastic panties, and edged in light pink satin around the high neck line, around the short puffed sleeves, and along the hem, underneath my dress is an eight layered net petticoat.

I'm also wearing a clear plastic bib, i normally only wear this when i'm being fed baby food out of my very own plastic bowl, or if i'm helping Nanny with one of Her lovers so i don't get my dress all messy.

Underneath my bib i have my baby harness on, which Nanny had my name printed on it, that is strapped to the chair, along with my ankles which are strapped to the legs.

Nanny is watching me from Her lounge, She has me on webcam, and is in a chat-room humiliating me even more by letting others watch me as i type away.

So now i wait for my punishment to begin, but before that i have to say, "Sorry Nanny for being a silly selfish sissy, and will humbly take any punishment that only you know how to control me better!

Silly sissy paula x

Dear Sissyworld

I was glad to leave home for the first time to attend University, and when I got there and was able to use the Internet freely in my room of residence, I was able to surf the web to my hearts content.

It was while surfing I found my Fetish, Adult Baby and knew this is what I wanted, and longed to be treated like a baby!
I plucked up the courage to tell my Girlfriend about wearing Female undergarments as a starter, and explained to her the best way I could of how it made me feel.

Surprisingly she took it all very well.

The thing is my real passion is to be dressed and treated like a baby, but I'm scared that this might be too much for her to handle, how can I best approach the subject without sounding like a complete freak?

from a new student baby

Dear sissyworld,

I am a little sissy and want to be spanked for all the naughty things that I have done.

I know I'm nothing but a weak little girl inside and I want to be forced to wear sissy pink lipstick, forced into girly pink panties and frilly dresses, be force fed baby food, because I cant eat and chew like a grown up man.

I'm a pathetic weak little baby sissy and need to be controlled, by the most extreme measures!

Baby monique


I LOVE your web site!!

I work weekends at a very well known supermarket in Glasgow so as not to depend on my Parents for spending money, they do enough for Me, letting me stay on at school, and after leaving going straight to college.

Every time there is a holiday the Supermarket really gets into the spirit of things, Easter, Xmas, fund raising, we always dress up in silly costumes and have a ball, breaks the monotony of the job.

Last Halloween, i was at a fix at what to wear, what with studying I had no time to sort anything out, so I grabbed an old sheet from the linen cupboard, wrapped it around me like a nappy and pinned it in place so that it would hold, threw on an overcoat, jumped into my Dads car that I borrowed at the weekends to drive to work.

When I got there I went into the stockroom and found a baby plastic bib that we sold in the store, put it on and went onto the shop floor to start my days work.

All the staff were dressed up and the customers had a right laugh with us.

There's a Lady who works at the store, She's in her forties married with kids, she came up to me and said, "Now that just looks silly, if you want to be a baby you have to wear a real Diaper, not a silly little sheet"

I told her was in a bit of a rush this morning, and it was last minute, besides where would I get a diaper from to fit me?

She told me to wait where I was, and that she would be right back.

When she returned she took me by the hand and took me to the stockroom, once inside, she locked the door, opened up a new packet of Depends Diapers, shook one out, "See, this one will fit you"

I began to laugh, really thinking she was joking! I said, "I don't know how to put it on?

She said, "Silly boy, I know how to put them on!" I told her I didn't have any underpants on, and started to feel my face redden.

"I should think not" She said, "Babies don't wear underpants, its nothing I haven't seen before, now lay down"

I was a little embarrassed to say the least, I could feel my dick getting hard as she was talking, and she wasn't a bad looking lass for her age.

I laid down, she took of the pins of the make believe sheet nappy and said, "I see the baby is really excited"

She lifted my legs up in the air just like a baby, slipped the diaper underneath me, lightly, on purpose i think touching My hard dick, and secured it.

She helped me up, tapped me on my now diapered bottom, "Now you look like a real baby, now get to work".

I had no idea what that nappy sheet would of brought out in me, but I'm glad it did, I now see my new Nanny once a week!

Diaper boy

Hi Sissyworld.

I have a problem which i have had throughout my adult years.

I love dressing up in sissy clothing, i love everything about it, even searching for items online gives me a thrill, and when it arrives i cant wait to put it all on, i draw the curtains in my house, and dress up to my little sissy hearts content. My problem is that every time i get into a relationship, i feel enormous guilt, i'm far too ashamed to tell my partner what i like to do, so every time i meet a girl i throw out all my beautiful sissy clothing in shame, but always believe that maybe my partner will rid me of all the sissy feelings.

It always works out the same way, and i now know its because when i don't dress a s a sissy i'm just a typical stroppy bloke, demanding and sometimes nasty, so she just leaves me anyway, and as soon as the relationship ends i'm back online buying new complete sissy outfits.

I'm happier, a much nicer person when i'm dressed and treated like a sissy, i just wish Women were more understanding.

Thank you for a wonderful website! Sissy brenda

Hello Sissyworld

I have lived with my girlfriend now for almost two years, she is as sexy as fuck, and we have always had a really healthy sex life - too good to be true really - because I've always found that once a couple have been together for a while, sex can get a bit boring and a bit same old same old, but she's a dirty cow and I love her all the more for it!

A while back, she said if I was to wear her panties to work for the week she would give me a great surprise at the weekend!!

I thought at first she was winding me up, but she kept on going on about it - so eventually I gave in, I thought what's the worse that happen? I could get knocked down by a bus, be taken to hospital and having to explain why I was wearing My girls panties, "Oh I never had a clean pair of boxers to wear this morning nurse, so I borrowed the wife's"

So starting from the Monday morning I put on her panties, and have to say they felt a bit odd, and somehow thought other people knew what I had on under my suit.

By the third day, I was so used to it, that I had a hard on all day and couldn't wait to get home to fuck my girl, she wouldn't let me take the panties off, I would have to pull my cock either over the top or through the side of the panties she would go crazy, telling me how she loved me wearing her panties, what a little sissy I was for wearing them, at the time she was saying these things to me I was so turned on, but afterwards I would feel such guilt, did this mean I was gay? was I a transvestite? I'm really confused, but I really liked it!

I'm scared that she might go off me, but she keeps pushing me to go further, wearing her stockings, its a turn on, but I'm scared that I will like it too much!

I'm still wearing her panties, I haven't worn a pair of boxers for months!

I looked online about men who wear girls panties and came across your website, and to be honest it scared the hell out of me, "Is that what I am?" I thought as I looked at the pics, can a straight guy be into it? How can a girl be into seeing her man like it?

I really need your help, I've seen other letters on your website, and your replies have always been straight up, (excuse the pun) so any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Mr. worried from the Wirral

Nanny replies: don't be scared or shy! Just have fun with your girlfriend! It's only a pair of panties, but who knows what she'll have you wearing next you lucky boy!

Dear sissy world

I am a married man, live a normal life but deep within me is the little sissy girl I have been for so many years.

I have lots of very pretty satin dresses, cute bows for my hair, my favorite right now is a beautiful full baby pink satin party dress, with puff sleeves, and its edged with lovely lace, I have a full six tier petticoat that makes the dress just stand out fully, that when I do a twirl you can see my matching satin panties, I'm such a naughty girl at times. I feel so pretty in it, and when I'm wearing it I feel so calm, and long to be taken cared of, be treated like a proper little girl all the time!

I was wondering if you knew of anywhere in the world where I can go that do sissy holidays? So I can get dressed, be dressed up all day  play with other little sissies.

I think some one should start a sissy summer camp somewhere, oh what sissy joy that would be!

I've searched  searched the web, so if you can make this little girls dream come true, I would be very, very happy indeed!

Lots,  lots of sweet sissy kisses, Abigail

Nanny replies: there are quite a few Mistresses and Nannies who offer sessions longer than a few hours with some nursery equipment. However, the best place to find a real 24/7 nursery is by meeting a girl and building one yourself!

Hello Sissyworld!

I came across your website through Birchplace  WOW what a surprise it was, I just love it! I have only recently got my own computer at home, so I can surf now to my hearts content without the rest of the family knowing what I'm up to.

I have read some of your stories  letters  wanted to share mine with you, as you can imagine its not a subject you tell to yer mates down the pub, "oh by the way fellas I like wearing nappies  pissing myself in them".

A bit about my back ground, just to prove that I'm not some text book loony, I'm now 37 years old, come from a very happy  very close working class family in London, still live at home with Mum  Dad, I'm the youngest out of 4 kids.

As a kid I wet the bed, had the problem right up till I was 15 years old, my brothers used to tease me a bit, but my parents were really good about it. When I was about 4 years old they took me to see a Doctor, did you know that the medical term for bedwetting is actually called Enuresis, not a lot of people know that!!!!

The Doctor just said I would grow out of it,  there could be a number of reasons why I wet the bed, sleeping too deeply, restlessness, low self esteem, the list goes on!!!!!

So at night I would always be put in a nappy, (thankfully my Brothers had left home), my parents had been told by the Doctor about getting me some disposable Diapers, which they did do, they use them for old people, so that's how my Fetish started, although I stopped wetting the bed at 15 years of age, I found that I couldn't sleep without my Diaper on,  so to this day I wear a diaper to bed,  the feel of pissing in them, is now a turn on, if I need to go, I'll run to my room put on my Diaper  just wee in it, the feel of my warm piss in my diaper is wicked  makes me really hard.

When my parents are out for the day or night is best, because I get to wear my diaper around the house freely!

I used to think I was a bit of a 'freak', couldn't understand why I liked it so much,  why I felt that I had to do it? But now I don't question myself nor do I think I'm a 'freak', its a turn on  I love it, now all I have to do is find a girlfriend who loves it as much as I do

All the best!!! Henry

Nanny replies: well of course any boy subjected to nappying needs to have their nappy changed by a strict but caring Nanna :) I am sure you would have no problem telling a loving girlfriend of your fetish if she is open-minded enough.

Dear Nanny

My wife and I have always had a lot of fun when it comes to sex and role-play, I think it keeps our marriage alive, plus it keeps me from playing away from home, why would I when I have it all at home.

I used to be a bit of a player in the early days, but when the Mrs found out, I explained to her I was only seeing paying Dommes and hookers to satisfy my Fetishes.

We both got drunk one night and I explained to her what it was that turned me on, I like to be totally controlled, humiliated, and dressed in Women's clothing, this isn't something that I do on my own, I don't get turned on just dressing up, but I like to be forced to dressed, then used as a slut totally by the Female.

My Wife thought she would like to give it a try, I think more to save our money than anything else.

That was over a year ago now, and our sex life has improved 100%

I have my very own wardrobe of clothing, wigs, shoes, make-up, etc, but my wife now has really turned the tables on me and has taken it to the extreme!

I am now kept as her 24/7 slave TV whore, my body hair is removed once a week, She even has me on all fours so that My slut hole is totally clean of hair, the feeling of a silky smooth body now is just amazing, and my clothing feels so much nicer, the feel of my stockings on smooth hair free legs, makes my cock hard just thinking about it!

I always get home before my Wife in the evenings, and before She leaves for work She leaves out my Girlie clothes for me to wear that evening, can you imagine when I wake up, I see them there as I'm getting ready for work, and all I can think of all day is what I'm going to be wearing and doing for my Wife when I get home! As soon as I get home, I jump in the bath, cream my body so its extra smooth, and begin my transformation, my make-up, putting on my suspender belt, pulling on my silk seamed stockings, then the underwear She has left out for me, She has customized a few pairs and put holes in the back so she can use her strap-on without taking down my panties!

When I'm ready I wait by the front door, on my knees waiting for my Goddess Wife to return, i cook for her, fetch for her, do anything She asks of me. Sometimes I would be on my knees with my tongue in her Pussy while She watches a movie from beginning to end, nothing is said between us, except of course my slurping!

I know how lucky I am, all I need and want is at home, being kept as a 24/7 slut TV!

So guys if your scared about telling your other halves about your kinks, think again, because She just might surprise you!

24/7 TV slut jenny xxxx

Dear SissyWorld

I Just wanted to write  tell you how much I have enjoyed your website!

I'm an adult baby, have been for many years now, I don't have a Nanny or Mistress in My life right now, but hope to one day, that would be a dream come true for me, so until then I have to make do with diapering myself, and dressing myself. I buy my diapers online, and have a special wardrobe just for my A/B wear, lots of plastic panties, satin dresses, bibs, booties, etc. My dream is to have my own nursery with a full size cot and high chair!

I think SissyWorld has got it just right, the photos and films are so real and erotic, maybe I could be in one of your films? To be diapered by Nanny Alaya would indeed be a memorable experience.

Thanks again, and please keep up the good work!!!!

Baby kisses.

PS I would love to see my letter on your website, so feel free to use it.

baby sally xx

Nanny replies: thank you Baby Sally. It seems there are thousands of you poor AB boys and gurrls out there desperately seeking a full-time Nanny. I really believe this is best achieved from a normal relationship and then introducing your love of nappies. If your partner truly loves you, she would have no problem with nappying you and keeping you in plastic panties.

Dear Nanny Alaya

My husband came across your website a few months ago, I suppose your thinking why I'm actually writing to you? The reason will become clear after you read my email.

I met my husband at university, I wouldn't say that our love was a love at first sight, but we did have a connection that grew into love.

When we both finished our degrees, we went traveling for a few months before starting work, and one very romantic night in Italy he proposed, and I of course accepted. We were married 3 months later, and the rest as they say is history!

We both have high powered jobs, have great lifestyles, but of course there is always a price to pay! We only get to have quality time together at the weekends, and there is so much to catch up on in the house, doing chores etc. etc.

Some weeks ago I was going to be go away for the weekend, a meeting with one of the partners in my Law firm for a new account, I decided to stay in town on the Friday instead of going home because our meeting schedules started so early the following morning. The meeting thankfully came to an end rather early on the Saturday evening, so decided to surprise My husband with My early return, and what a surprise it was Nanny!

When I got home all the lights at the front of the house were off, so I presumed My husband had gone to bed, it was almost, so I made an extra effort not to make any noise just in case I woke him. I left My case by the front door, took of My shoes and crept up the stairs, as I reached the top I could hear voices but couldn't make out what was being said, The light to My husbands office was on, as I got closer the voices got louder, I could hear a Woman saying, "This is what you get when you don't do as I say, your a naughty sissy girl, for wearing My panties, fetch Me My cane!"

My heart was pounding, I wasn't sure what I was going to be walking in on, as I got nearer the door, I could see My husband sitting on his chair looking at the monitor of his computer, and on it was a film, that's where the voices was coming from, in an instant I was so relieved that my husband was alone, but in the same instant I was beginning to see the whole picture of exactly what was happening in my husband's office.................

He didn't see or hear Me come into the office, he was sitting on the chair wearing a very bright red satin dress, a dress like a child would dress up a doll, thick white tights, and a black pair of Mary Jane shoes, I knew those by name because I wore them as part of My school uniform.

He was saying in a whisper, "I wish it were me, I wish it were me"

I stood there in shear shock, then panic, then anger, then disgust, all these feelings welling up inside Me, yet I couldn't say anything, nor it seemed could I move, I began watching the movie...."After I cane you, you little whore, I'm going to plug your slut hole, dress you in a pink maids uniform, your going to clean all My shoes with that sissy tongue of yours, and as you do so I will film you!"

How could I not know? I have known this man for over 15 years, how could I not know? Our sex life was ok, much the same as other couples I expect, he wasn't effeminate, actually far from it, he was 6-ft-2" and kept himself very fit, but here he was in his office dressed up like a doll watching a porn movie of a Female dressed in rubber, humiliating a man on film.

As I continued to watch, him and the film, I realised what I had to do, no that is not true, what I wanted to to do......

I screamed at him, "Get off that chair you dirty little sissy boy and get on your knees"

He almost fell off the chair, the look of shear horror on his face, he tried to speak, but i walked up to him, slapped his face and repeated, "Get on your knees sissy"

His body was shaking, I could see tears in welling up in his eyes as he hung his head in shame.

I wasn't sure how to carry on, so as I walked around Him, I began to repeat what I had heard the Female say on the film,  continued to watch as I was doing so,

I began to humiliate him, threatening to tell all our friends and family if he didn't do exactly as I said.
The feeling I had was something I had never felt before, I felt empowered, totally in control, I made him stand and bend over the desk, told him to pull down his white tights  satin panties, I told him I was going to punish him for keeping his dirty little secret from Me. He did as he was told without a word, under his satin dress he wore a petticoat that made his dress stand out very wide.

His body was still shaking as I started to slap his bare bottom with My hand, now as you can imagine My hand began to hurt and sting as much I'm sure as it did his bottom, I had to find something to punish him with, and the only thing I could think of was his Ice Hockey stick, I told him not to move, that I would be back!

I grabbed the Hockey stick from the hall cupboard and returned to the office, and of course he was still in the same position.

Once in a while I would think, "What the hell are you doing?" This is not normal" But, I was enjoying the situation, and I know it sounds crazy, but I was never more turned on, not ever!

I began to beat him with the stick, and he was begging Me to stop, saying he would do anything for Me. My husband was never really keen on oral sex, so this was My time, I told him to lay on his back, I took off My panties pulled up My skirt and hovered My pussy above his face, I told him that he was to make love to My pussy with his sissy tongue, and if he was a good little girl I would allow him to come after he had made Me come.

I sat on his face and he ate My pussy like his life depended on it, I had never had an orgasm like it, his face was wet with My cum, as I lifted Myself off, he kept repeating, "Thank you, thank you so much, I am yours totally!"

I could see that he was very excited, his dick was sticking out of his red satin dress, he was panting so hard, his body still shaking, "So you want to come" I said to him, "yes please Miss" he said.

"Ok, hold your dress up with one hand,  wank your dick with the other, I'm going to hold out My hand and you are to deposit your stuff into it, after which you will drink up totally, and if My hand is not clean afterwards, tomorrow will be a very a full day of punishments!"

He pulled up his dress and began to masturbate, I had never seen his dick so hard, or ever seen the look that was on his face before, it didn't take him long to squirt,  as he bent down his head to to clean My hand with his tongue, he began to gag, and apologised for being a wimpy sissy for not cleaning up his own mess, I smothered his own cum on his face, grabbed his ear pulled him up to his feet and said, "You have a lot of explaining to do, don't you think?"

I wont bore you with the explaining, but I will tell you that we did indeed talk, he explained the reasons why he likes it so, showed Me a lot of websites that has information on the sissy Fetish.

We have had a lot of fun buying, clothing for him, and of course Me, we are also converting our barn into a special play room for us both, which of course we will have to keep locked.

My life, our life is so much the better, we share something so personal, that no one can tear apart, we are leaning things about each other that is just so surreal, yet so natural.

So I want to thank you Nanny/Mistress Alaya for sissy world, because yours was the film he was watching when I caught him eight weeks ago.

Kindest Regards.

Trudy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nanny replies: gosh, what a lovely letter. Yes sissification is a lovely fetish, and not as taboo as it once was. I am very pleased to hear your man is now on the path to babyfication - remember to use it as an effective method of control - he will be more than happy to serve you 24/7 as your sissy boy.

Hello Sissy world

My experience begins during the second world war. I was a war child, My Father was in the army over in France,  my Mother began working on an ammunitions factory. I had no Grandparents, my Mother didn't have the time to take care f me, so like hundreds of others I was shipped off to another part of England, Dover to be precise, to a family I did not know. Up to now all I had was my Mother so leaving her was a tremendous wrench for us both.

So I was packed off on a train with it seems hundreds of others not knowing what fate had in store for us. The journey was long  tedious, but once i reached my destination I saw a very stern Woman in her 40's with a mane card which had my name on it. I walked up to her  said, "I'm Jonathan Miss" She looked down at me which to looked like to me shear disappointment , "This way" she said.

I followed her to her car, not a word was spoken, I thought better not to antagonise the situation, I was brought up to speak to Adults only when I was spoken to,  this was defiantly not the time to say anything.
My tummy was in knots, not knowing what to expect once we reached our destination, I wanted my Mummy so much right now!

We eventually arrived at the farm house, was shown my room in total silence,  was told to be washed  changed for dinner in half an hour.

As I sat at the dinner table there was a younger girl sitting there, no more that 18 years of age, we ate Beef stew, again in silence, until Mrs Mercer said, 'We was expecting a girl we was,  look at what they send us, a no good for nothing young lad"

The young girl who hadn't spoken said "what are we to do ma? We gone  told everybody we was getting a girl from London,  we have all those old clothes up stairs"

'Leave it to me lass, I know what we are gonna do with our little boy, no one round here knows we have a lad,  that's the way it will stay!"

After dinner I was taken to the kitchen where there was tin bath full of water, "well just font stand there looking like a wet fish, get undress  get in, we are going to wash all that dirty London smog of you,  put you to bed!

I was totally embarrassed, having two strangers wash me, never mind seeing me naked, at home I bathed myself., so there i was in this tin bath being scrubbed by two complete strangers, After I was toweled dry,  dragged by the hand naked to my room. My suitcase had gone m  laid out on the bed w as a very short nightie, light pink in colour, with lace on the sleeves  also edged in lace round the bottom.....'I don't understand" I said, where are my belongings? "Where was My dressing gown  night shirt" I asked, "Ma has put them on the on the bomb fire"

We's told you already we were expecting a girl,  a girl you shall be from now on, you have pretty hair, no one will know,  you will be for it if you tell any one!" She proceeded to put me in my my satin short nighty,  tucked me into bed, from now on your name is Jessica, don't ever forget in it Jessica, because Ma will surly punish you for it if you do!"

For the rest of the night I cried,  the next thin i knew i was awoken by a farm animals crying out for there feed.

Hanging over the chair was My outfit for the day, it was Sunday  I heard Mrs Mercer scream up the stairs, "I've left your Sunday best of Jessica, be ready in an hour to go to Sunday service"

Goodness, I was 12 years old  I decided enough was enough, I stormed downs stairs,  screamed with tears in my eyes, "I will not dress in girls clothes, I am a boy, just you wait till my Mother hears about this" before I could say another word, Mrs Mercer slapped My face so hard, I stopped crying, stopped protesting, I knew I had no choice but to play along....... "Now young lady, she said, "you get yourself up them stairs  get yourself ready for Church"

I ran as fast as i could to my room, all the while thinking how I could escape? it was impossible, who would believe me anyhow.

The young girl entered My room, "you are a silly little thing, I did tells you that you had to do as you were told, Ma can do much worse than that, let me help you put on your dress"

I felt stupid, I was a boy not a girl, every one will laugh at me, ok my hair was a little long, but even so!

She placed satin whit like shorts on me, then lace topped ankle socks, a petticoat was put on me next,  the dress, what can only be described looked a mini version of a wedding dress that came to my knees, then my lace gloves,  lastly my bonnet.

"There she said" as she place me in front of the mirror, don't we just look as pretty as a picture Fran?"

I looked in the full length mirror,  couldn't believe my eyes, I wasn't Edward anymore, I really was this Francesca girl thy had created , I looked beautiful,  i gave a twirl in front of the mirror, while the girl howled with laughter, "you see, Ma knows best!" . . .

. . . part 2 of this letter will be published soon!

Nanny replies: what wonderful experiences you had - I am sure at the time it was quite a shock for you but now you look back on it, you wish you could live that time all over again!

Hello Nanna Alaya

My name is Rachel and I am responding to your lovely web site. I have just joined the members area, and just love looking the photographs of all the little sissy girls featured.

I live in the county of Kent. I just cannot get enough of wearing pretty dresses, make up, having my nails painted and wearing pantyhose of all different colours and textures. I am always wearing sissy panties day and night and try to keep my body free of hair, as I am just a big sissy girl at the end of the day. I have been dressing for most of my life and can recall putting on my first dress on way before my teen years.

I would love to be able to contribute in any way to your great web site and hopefully make new sissy friends and to learn how to be a better sissy. I have always wondered what it would be like to be properly trained like your lucky sissy's featured on your web pages. I am very sweet and clean and know what fun dressing up can be and how important it is to always be yourself!

My enclosed picture shows me wearing my favourite pink dress. It's called 'Just Yummy' I also enclose a picture of me in my yellow summer dress.

Please keep up the wonderful work you do on your website.

Lots of sweet kisses Nanna Alaya

Rachel x x x

A sissy story and photos sent in by sissy susie:

Dear sissyworld,

My wife, 35, has long dark brown hair and is very sexy unsatisfied with our sex life due to hubbies small penis (3 inch when erect). She is fed up with the fact he likes to get dressed up in his frilly baby girl clothes when he wants to make love. During one session while he's dressed up, she decides to try humilliation. She's read some of his sissy mags about cuckolding and as often thought about taking a lover. She tells him his penis is too small and can't feel him inside her. This turns him on strangely. She tells him she needs a real man with a big cock. He can't hide his excitement and tells his wife he wants to be her permanent baby girl and she should take a lover (although he does not mean this).

She is friendly with a male work colleague called Jim, who she's always fancied and is known to be very well endowed. She tells him about her sex life and her wimp husband's dressing-up. They both have good laugh and arrange a date!

That weekend, hubbie is about to have on of his baby nights when the young girl from next door comes round (just 18 years old called Vicky).

His wife is getting ready to go out, white silky panties stockings, suspenders, black satin skirt with a split along the thigh and a white silk blouse. "Vicky is here to baby-sit while I'm out", she tells hubbie, much to his surprise. Soon he's totally naked in front of this attractive blonde young lady and when his wife gets out his favourite baby clothes, his little penis gets hard much to his humiliation. Vicky giggles at the poor seeing this 39 year old man with a penis so small! I've never seen one that small!" she laughs. "That's why I've got a date with a real man tonight.". Hubby is in shock - the silly man he thought she was meeting a girlfriend!

Soon hubby is wearing a fluffy nappy pink plastic pants and a pair of pink satin panties with row upon row of pink baby lace on the front and rear. A baby doll nightie is produced by the baby-sitter, made in pink chiffon and is placed on him. It's a bit short and only just covers his panties. He's placed in a cot in the spare room newly decorated that week in babyish pink' "I'm going out tonight with Jim so you just be a good little girl for Vicky". If you wet that nappy, I'll make sure he gets to see you when I bring him back tonight.". Hubby can't believe what's happening to him! The duvet is removed from his cot, leaving him totally exposed and both women leave him to think about his predicament.

A few hours pass when he hears his wife come back and she's not alone. From up stairs, baby hubby hears a male voice, lots of talking and laughing. His wife and Vicky the babysitter enter his room and its quite obvious when she sticks a hand into his nappy that he's wet. "What did I tell you!' and shouts for Jim ."No please don't, my nightie is too short and I don't want him to see me like this". He will see my panties". His wife ignores his plea, and when Jim enters he bursts out laughing when he sees her husband dressed in frilly baby clothes. "This is my baby girl susie I was telling you about. "Isn't she cute! Look! He's trying to hide his frilly knickers by placing his hands over them! He doesn't want you to see his baby panties".

Rachel tells Jim, "come on Susie, show your uncle Jim your petty frilly panties", and with that removed his hands exposing his sissy attire to her new lover. "What a big sissy" he says.

"He's wet his nappy, will you change him Vicky?". "Sure!", and with that begins to remove his baby knickers. His wife and Jim are locked in a passionate kiss at the foot of his crib. This strangely excites hubby and when his nappy is finally removed, his tiny penis has become fully erect.

Everyone notices this and begin to laugh!. "Ahh, does this turn you on honey? Seeing me with another man, a REAL man!".

"Would you like to watch your mommy and her new friend make love in our bed?"

Hubby felt unsure how to respond it always been a fantasy, but he did not really wish to see his beautiful wife in bed with another man. How could he stop this situation? It had gone too far. "No, please mommy, I don't want you to sleep with him, please make him go!".

His wife snaps, "Tough, he's staying and now your going to watch how a real man makes love to a woman". Once he was back in a clean nappy and his plastic panties and filly pink satin panties were pulled up, he was marched into the master bedroom where he began to cry.

"Stop sniveling! I thought that this is what you wanted. Jim, show him who the new man is in the house. I'd like you to spank him!"

"Please, no no please no!". Jim was much bigger than hubby and was easily pulled across his strong lap. His nappy and panties were pulled to the side, exposing a bottom cheek and sissy hubby felt the full force of his hand smack-smack-smack! This made him cry even more much to the enjoyment of his wife and the beautiful young babysitter. Hubby was then tied to the end of the bed ready for his wife's ultimate act of humiliation. The babysitter decided to stay the night and went into a spare bedroom. His wife and Jim removed each other's clothing down to their underwear. Jim's massive erection clearly visible in his pants. Sissy's wife ran her hand across the large throbbing bulge, "god you feel enormous down there darling!". His large manly hands caressed her sexy rear through her white silky panties. She moaned with pleasure and unable to control her desire pulled his briefs down revealing the biggest cock she had ever seen!!! "Oh my god you're enormous!". Her hands trembled as she grasped it - it was so thick her hands could barely close around it! She was so aroused that her poor baby sissy could clearly see a dark damp stain appear in the crotch of her silky panties as she became wet with desire.

"Let me measure it darling! I want to see how big it is so i can tell all my friends how big you are. She got a tape measure out, "wow, your just over 8 inches that's much bigger than my husband's! I'll measure his for comparison." She pulled baby susie's panties and nappy down and measured him much to his shame, "just 3 pathetic inches as I told you before", she announced with a cruel giggle. Let us get some photos of the two of you together. His wife took a whole pack of film with the two men together displaying their cocks. She also took some of her hubbie in his frilly baby clothing sucking on a dummy. Sissy couldn't take his eyes off her panties and this didn't go unnoticed. "Do you want these sissy?" She quickly removed the damp panties and placed them over his head so that the damp gusset was level with his nose. The aroma of her sexual arousal was intoxicating. She placed the dummy back in his mouth pushing it into the soft silky fabric.

Soon she was on the bed with her lover, greedily sucking on his huge shaft. He returned the compliment until she begged him to fuck her. "Please darling fuck me now!" She guided her lover's over-sized tool and placed it to the entrance to her sopping wet slit. He gently eased his long shaft into her and she cried out in pain as the thick monster stretched her like never before. "That feels so good my love!"

Soon baby Susie witnessed the big rough man pounding into his darling wife. His buttocks rising and falling between his wife's open thighs, her legs wrapped around her lover's back trying to meet his powerful thrusts. "Oh my god you feel so big, oh yes yes that feels so deep inside me - please don't stop!" Her orgasm gradually built up. He sensed this and after 20 minutes of heavy fucking, he gradually quickened his pace. His long thick shaft covered in his wife's juices, "Oh oh yes yes yes!!!" She climaxed like she had before and began to sob in her lover's arms as he injected his sperm deep into her belly. Years of frustrated sexual disappointment were forgotten in that moment as she cried out her lover's name in sheer ecstasy. Wave after wave of multiple orgasms ripped through her body, her face contorted in total joy!

This was all too much for her baby little girl and he pumped his own baby liquid into his nappy. The babysitter had heard every thing and came into take him back to his cot. She was shocked at the size of Jim's cock as he laid on his back, still fully erect. She was just as shocked at the site of baby susie wearing his wives sopping panties round his head. He was untied and taken back to his cot still crying at the sexual display he had witnessed, knowing he could never compete on that level. This was re-enforced by his wife's comments that he should be pleased his wife and mommy had found happiness at last. She kissed him good night.

He awoke the next morning to the sounds of his wife moaning with pleasure. The head board of the bed thrashing against the wall and the unmistakable sound of his wife climaxing loudly a while later the babysitter breezed into his room full of joy wearing a pair of expensive satin panties with lace panels in white over which she was wearing a silk robe. "Morning sweetie, did you sleep well?" All her poor husband could was stare at the large damp area forming in her panties where her lovers seed was oozing out and he could smell the aroma of a woman who had just had sex. Jim and I have had long talk and if you behave yourself we've decided you can live as our baby girl. Would you like to have a daddy sweetie?

Sissy hubby could only respond "Thank you mommy, I now know my true place in life is to be kept nappied and in plastic panties to serve you and your lover, and to be spanked and punished whenever you desire.". Please train me to be totally submissive for the rest of my life!".

...and mommy smiled, because she knew 100% control of her sissy husband was set!

Sissy susie

And so it all started. . . .

It was a late afternoon and I had just left my office and went to buy some goods at a nearby supermarket. While I was lining up with my shopping basket at the register, suddenly my eyes caught an extra-ordinary well-dressed lady in one of the other lines next to mine. She was wearing a black, very tight office suit and inside the jacket she had a snow-white thin silk blouse on, and then she wore black seemed silk stockings and from what I could judge a 5 or 6 inch high black patent court shoe. She was very stylish and classic. She was so elegant but most of all, she looked so very powerfully – it was like I could almost feel her power rays through the air. I looked around me and I noticed that this lady occupied quiet a few other people’s attention - mostly men, but I also saw a few admiring looks from other women around us.

This lady was really something – she is in control here, I thought, and I wished I had the courage to somehow get in contact with that lady, if it was possible just to exchange a few words and have the opportunity to watch her closer - that would make this whole day such an exciting day. Now, as I moved forward in my line I was able to get a better view on this lady's face, and somehow she started to look a little familiar to me, even if I still could only see her in profile. Suddenly, in a few seconds she turned her head around in the direction where I was standing. She looked at me as if she had noticed or sensed that I was starring at her. She was not looking upset at all, but she smiled, as if she enjoyed that people found her so stunning. That calmed me down a little bit, but not so long because I suddenly also realized that this lady was actually the same lady whom I had wrote to over the Internet just a few weeks earlier, and that this lady was nothing less that one of the most stunning, powerful and fantastic latex fetish web-goddess I have ever seen."Oh man, what to do now?"

I knew that she was living in my town. She also knew that one of her admirers (namely I) was living here. In her reply e-mail to me she had written that in case I saw her somewhere in town she would not mind if I revealed myself discretely, of course. Now, here was the chance, I thought. "Do you dare to take it?"

My heart started to beat very hard and fast. I managed to concentrate on my lane and a little later pay for my things, but always keeping track of where this lady was.

It was shortly after she had paid for her things and started to walk away, that I collected all my energy and courage and started approaching her from the back. When I was just right behind her I did what she had told me to. I taped her on the shoulder gently, She turned, looked right into my eyes. Madam may i approach you?" Her stare did not alter, She gave me a nod, I moved closer and I whispered, “Hi, I am sissy K”. Firstly she looked a little confused, but as she got a better look at me, she smiled and said.

“I see. Yes I remember your e-mail, and I have been wondering if you would appear for me one day. Well, good to see you. You know how to contact me, right?".

“Yes Mistress”, I only managed to say. And then she took off with her bags. I was petrified for a few seconds and could hardly breathe. Wow, she was amazingly powerful that lady and it attracted me so much. In that moment I decided that I had to see her again, and next time I would have to serve and respect her.

When I arrived home I went directly to my computer, and started to write an e-mail to her, in which I indicated how very much I wanted to serve her and be her little sissy maid slut.

It did not take many days before I got a reply with a suggestion when to start my assignment!

I was filled with such excitement the whole time after Her email and could not think of anything else. I wanted so badly to serve my Mistress and be good as possible, so therefore I had to be prepared.

As a kind of warming up I started wearing panties and stockings at work under my regular clothes, and in the evenings when I got home I would dress up in skirt and silk blouse, and also wear a pair of high heels.

Then finally the day came. My assignment should start at 10am, and at 9:50 I was standing in front of my Mistress’s front door. I rang the doorbell and surprised because the sound that appeared was like when one cracks the whip!! I felt a shiver down my back.

The door opened and in front of me appeared my Mistress. She looked simply fantastic and I new from that moment I was being controlled 100% by her. She owned me now, and I had to obey her completely. She was wearing the same suit as she had been wearing that day in the supermarket. Only her shoes were different. Now she was wearing a 7-inch high black tailor-made shoe, and in these shoes she was about an inch higher than me. She looked fantastic. She smiled calmly at me and asked me to come in. Right after the door was closed she said: “Now Sissy K, are you ready for your assignment and have you prepared your self well?”

“yes Mistress, I think so!”

“well, let’s see then. Take of all your clothes, quickly!”

I took of all my clothes and was in a few seconds later standing completely naked in front of the Mistress. She looked me up and down, and started to walk around me. Then she stopped again in front of me and said:

“You little sissy slut, I have to admit that your body is well shaped, but I cannot tolerate you going around here and serve me and perhaps my guests too, with all that hair on your body. Shave it off, now – and I mean every single hair”. My assistant will help you make yourself ready for your duties."

Mistress' assistant came and showed me to a bath room, where we went in and started to prepare me. I started to have second thoughts, whether I could accomplish this assignment. The assistant did not say anything but started immediately to shave of all my body hair off from neck to toes, and while I was taking a shower, the assistant went out to get my maid clothes.The assistant returned with all the clothes I was to wear. The first thing the assistant took was a little black butt-plug.

“What’s that I asked?”

“Turn around and bend over” - the assistant ordered me, and so I did!

The assistant put oil around my little rose bud and started to massage my hole. After a little while it was ready and the assistant inserted the plug. A shock and some pain went through my body, when the plug was in, but the pain disappeared quickly, and I could just feel how the plug filled me up from the inside. It was arousing and felt good.

“You are to wear this all the time, and can only be removed by the Mistress,” the assistant instructed me.

Then all the clothes. I was to wear a very sophisticated latex French maid uniform, and inside this I should wear a black corset with suspenders to hold the silk stockings.

And then the shoes! The assistant had brought a black 6-inch high court shoe with an angel strap and a small locker. I knew that it was going to be painful for me to wear those shoes for a long time, but on the other hand this also made me so excited, and with the padlock that prevented me completely to take them of - this was really thrilling. After I had dressed, the assistant helped me with a discrete makeup and finally a black wig was placed on my head. I looked at myself in the mirror. I could hardly recognize myself. I felt fantastic in the costume and the view I saw in the mirror was also not that bad. Wow. A real cute and dirty looking sissy maid, I was now. The assistant guided me to the next room. I felt like a real slut as I walked there. The high heels felt so good and for every step I took I could feel the butt plug moving inside my tight little rose bud, and the silk
stockings on my hairless legs was really something!!

The assistant showed me to the Mistress's shoe room. I was disappointed, because I wanted to see the Mistress, but then I reminded myself that I was first of all here to be a service to the mistress. The assistant said – “make sure that they are all clean”, “especially the heels”! Then I started to clean the mistress’ shoes and boots. They were from from floor to ceiling, and I felt very excited being surrounded by the Mistress’s high heel collection. I was licking each and every heel and making sure that all were absolutely spotless. When I had finished the last pair the assistant came again and showed me to the bathroom. Now what was that all about? Clean it, the assistant said – and I started to clean the bathroom all over until it was shining.

It felt like two hours had passed and I still had not seen the Mistress, but in fact I did not know how much time had actually past. I was now in the kitchen about to finish doing the dishes when the Mistress came in. “Hurry up you little slut, I am waiting for you to satisfy me". I hurried all I could and went into my Mistress" Dungeon. She had changed, and was now wearing a purple latex outfit. She looked stunning and more powerful than ever before. She was sitting on a black leather sofa and enjoying a glass of read wine.

“Come over here you dirty little sissy slut”, she said.

“My assistant tells me that you have been diligent and for that you can now clean my boots”.

“You can start by licking my heels clean”

I immediately start licking the heels and ensure that they were absolutely spotless. I took in the heel as deep into my mouth as I could. The Mistress then told me to move up the length of her boots up along her legs. I licked every centimeter of both boots. I was doing my best to worship her boots as well as I could. It felt just so wonderful being under the impact of such a power like what the mistress exposed. After worshiping her boots I was ordered to but my head in a small sling that supported my head just below the seat of a little chair. The mistress unzipped herself from the back, exposing her bottom, and placed her naked ass and pussy on top of my face.

“Lick both holes until I say stop and start with my pussy you dirty slut”.

I licked and licked the mistress’s pussy. It was sweet. I kept licking until the Mistress started shaking her body on top of my face. At some point both my nose and my mouth was covered and it was really hard for me to breathe. My Mistress only laughed and kept saying that I was a dirty little slut, and demanded me again to lick her harder and harder. It felt so good to being controlled here, and could do nothing else than obey her demand. Suddenly I could hear the Mistress getting an orgasm and the juice from her pussy ran over my face and into my mouth.

“Now lick my ass the same way, you little slut”

I gave her the some treatment in her ass until she stopped me. At that point my tongue was sore and aching.

The Mistress then guided me into another room, where I observed a kind of a body sling with a seat in it. The assistant assisted me up into the sling, where I was supposed to sit. I was now suspended with my arms locked over my head and my legs locked wide in a spreader bar. In the meantime the Mistress had put on a black strap-on and I began to understand what was going to happen next and for the second time was not really sure if I could take more and especially from that black thing the mistress had put on. The Mistress kept on calling me a dirty little slut. She approached my wide spread legs and demanded me to say: “I am a dirty little slut and I need to be fucked and fucked really hard.” I repeated what she had told me, as she started to remove the bud-plug. I was thinking

“Good god - at least, I have had the butt plug in for some time – it should
have prepared my hole for this!”

The Mistress added some more oil into my hole, and then she slowly started to insert the black strap-on. It slid in without any resistance from me and I started to feel very much filled-up. I enjoyed it and it was obvious that the Mistress new exactly what she was doing.

“I am going to fuck you, you dirty little sissy slut” Fuck you, Fuck you, she repeated the words and slapped my ass hard.

After a few slow movements the strap-on was almost completely inside me and she started pumping harder and harder. I couldn’t stop giving small sounds of delight as the Mistress kept fucking my tight little hole.

“Fucking me as the little slut I am” – I screamed.

It did hurt a little but also felt good at the same time. The Mistress banged the strap-on deep inside me again and again. At the same time the assistant had started to masturbate my cock, which was so hard and had been like that since I came to the mistress’s front door. I was helpless now and I could not resist and eventually I felt an incredible heat running through my whole body. I screamed like a real slut being fucked by a big cock, and my sperm came rolling out.

The assistant had collected my whole load in a glass and now she pored it over my face and into my mouth.

“Drink it all you dirty little slut, drink it and swallow it. Or I’ll fuck you again harder”!! The Mistress said.

I swallowed it all. I felt totally humiliated, yet overwhelmed at the same time – and I could not think clearly. It took a couple of minutes before I was a little clearer in my mind again.

The Mistress had left the room, and the assistant released me from the suspension. I was guided back to the bathroom. My legs were shaking and it became really hard to walk steady in the 6-inch high heels. I undressed – washed of the make-up, and dressed in my own clothes. I was thinking back on what had happened during the last three or four hours. I actually couldn't figure out how long I had been there, because I had no sense of time at all.

I was about to leave when I was stopped by the Mistress at the front-door. She was back in the office suit, but was not wearing the jacket and I could see her perfectly formed breast through the thin silk blouse. She still looked stunning – so elegant and feminine and so powerful. What a creature she was. She took my hand and kissed me softly on the cheek. “Now, listen here sissy k, next time I suggest we practice together the art of dressing in feminine clothes, which I know you love so much. Perhaps I will dress you up and bring you out for display in public, and we can do some shopping together; we will try some new stiletto shoes, some frilly silky underwear. All those lovely sissy girly things which you look at whilst out in the department stores, but you don’t dare to buy, because you will feel silly and humiliated, right! That's what we will do!

"Yes Mistress".

I thought about our next time, and the scenario She had told me, obviously next time I would need a lot more courage, but at the same time I was smiling for I knew I would find the courage.

Until next time
Sissy K

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