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Our wonderful new AB and sissy title published by those in the scene!
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Featuring a wonderful interview with Mistress Prima and other wonderful nannies and their babies, maids and sissies!

Live Chat Very busy and friendly fetish chat rooms in association with BirchPlace. Where TVs, sissies and their mommies come to play.

Interviews and exclusive features on real-life matrons, nannies and their babies! Original articles and photo-stories by real adult babies and Nannies!

Inside you can watch and hear the training of Sissy Davina, using plastic nappies, girlie dresses, makeup and wigs. All expertly done by the gorgeous Nanny Alaya!

We have now finished the first issue of "Sissies and TV Maids", the sexiest, naughtiest and kinkiest TV Adult Baby and TV Sissy magazine ever! Featuring amazing, exclusive AB, Sissy and Sissy Maid fetish images! This lovely magazine is out now!

"Sissies and TV Maids" is a very high quality, full colour, 88-page sissy magazine featuring sissies, ABs and their Nannies, Mistresses and Mommies from around the world!

Packed full of exclusive photo sets featuring party dresses, sissies in uniform, sissies forced to parade in from of their Mistress, TV adult babies and much, much more! now sold out!

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Petticoated husbands! Nappied husbands! Boyfriends kept in plastic panties! Men who are plugged, sissified and nappied!

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1000s of exclusive photos in our members area! Plus exclusive sissy videos inside too!

Inside we have hundreds of high quality exclusive photographs of our sissy girls in their uniforms, party dresses and baby-wear!

Now includes outside 'playing in the park' shots too!

If you would like to get involved in our lifestyle, from being involved in photo/film shoots for our web site and new magazines titles, get in touch with Nanna and remember to enclose a photo and full information on yourself for a reply.

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Happy Nappy Nursery (Kent, UK)

Transitions by Celeste (Australia)

Lily BBW sissy trainer (Herefordshire, UK)

Mistress Stephany (Shropshire, UK)

Letters Page!

I love to nappy My submissive boys! So come to Nanny Alaya and I will nappy you firmly, and then wrap your nappy in a pair of plastic panties. Wee-wees will be done in your diaper, and if you are a good boy, Nanny will change you for the ultimate humiliation!

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Hello My little darlings. I understand your needs to be all soft, frilly & feminine. I know that some men like to dress in beautiful lingerie, made of the finest silk & satins, wear little tight mini skirts, stockings, and totter around your home in private wearing high stiletto shoes - very slutty!

Then there are those of you who like to wear pretty party frocks with lots of satin; fluffy petticoats, and of course not forgetting Mary Jane shoes with lace-topped ankle socks.

But then there are My little baby darlings, those who love to be diapered and wear plastic panties to stop all those naughty accidents! Then to dress in an 'ickle romper suit, to sit on Nanny Alaya's knees while She feeds you from a baby bottle.

So, come sissy, shed all that silly male nonsense - get into your best sissy, frilly, cute baby outfit now and let your sissy feelings break through and join Me in SissyWorld now!

Nanny Alaya x x x

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Letter to Baby Emma - Brave to go out dressed!

Emma's real-life adventures at the park!

You can see Emma's photos of her real adventures in the park in our Members area.

Dearest Emma,

I have just seen your Internet site today and I love it! Your photos are so cute and Iím quite jealous. Thereís a few things I would like to ask you: how did you manage to take those photos outside in the park? Did anyone see you? You must be so brave to go outside to the park dressed in your frilly dresses, and play on the swings. Was it a real park? I hope you can answer my questions. Love and hugs. Louise (USA)

Emma saysÖ
Dear Louise, Thanks so much for your letter an d the very sweet things you said about my Internet site. The photos of me were taken in a real park, Kings Park in Perth Australia. It was quite early when we did the photos, but a few people did see but were cool about it! If you decided to go out dressed, my advice to you would be dress in something you can cover up if needed, donít go too public, a quiet park or beach is best and go early. If you ever come over to Manchester let me know and I will arrange a trip out dressed with you. Emma x x x

Dear Emma

"As you know, I have been training my boyfriend using nappies for many months, and I was delighted to be invited to contribute to your upcoming first edition of your magazine. I always suspected my boyfriend was a bit of a 'pervert' (and I say that in the nicest possible way) when I found various fetish magazines at his flat. He never discussed anything 'fetish' with me until one night he blurted out 'Mommy ' during our love-making.

I was at first a bit shocked, but gradually, he admitted to me about his submissive feelings, and gradually the full admission that he was a closet-TV and had wild and unfulfilled fantasies about dressing to serve dominant women. I'm not the most liberal woman that ever existed, but I am also not old-school. My experience up to then of kinky sex was wearing crotch-less panties once a year! I have always liked glamour and fetish clothing, but I don't really have the perfect figure to wear them myself - however, my boyfriend certainly does and I had suspected for sometime that he had been burrowing through my underwear drawers.

After a little research on the internet, I came across articles on petticoat punishment and nappy discipline! What delighted me most of all was the idea of using such role-plays to control my boyfriend in everyday life. Now I am very pleased to say, my boyfriend is totally considerate and the most loving man I could ever wish for, and all of this has been quickly achieved through the application of plastic nappies, bibs, bonnets and booties."

Ms P x x x, London

Dear Sissyworld

What a delightful site you have created! I have been nappying my husband now for almost 5 years and I've never regretted the day I decided to try and put him in plastic panties to pacify and control his bad behaviour.

We are a young couple (he 26, me 27) and we'd only been married a few months and my husband's attitude was really starting to get me down - he never washed up, never cooked and watched the stupid football on television not only at home, but also out at the pub.

We'd always both liked 'dressing up' for sex, and he especially loves me in stockings and high heels, so I thought one day to try and read up on ideas on how to control my husband using denial of sex. I came across several stories and articles that talked about domination and how even some big bossy men (my husband is 6'3" tall!) love to kneel and kiss stockings and panties on a demanding lady. So, after spending a few months slowly introducing this whilst we made love, I told him that if he was to have sex in future it was to be under my terms of when, where and how. He loved the idea and it made him very excited.

Anyhow, how I discovered nappies and plastic panties (and nappy discipline!) was quite by chance as one day as my hubby was about to cum, I told him how he was such a big baby and needed controlling. He blurted 'thank you mistress, please keep me in nappies and control me!" And that was it! I was bemused at first, but I started rapidly learning that by using nappies, plastic panties, bibs and dummies, I could totally transform my husband's arrogant personality and keep him totally obedient and subservient 24/7. Whilst he doesn't obviously wear his nappies 24/7, he only now wears nappies at home, together with plastic panties, and sometimes booties and a bonnet. Everything has gone quite extreme, with me playing a Nanny or Matron role and scolding him if he has not changed into his nappies quickly enough when he comes in from work. It turns me on so much I wish I'd found out about this fetish much earlier!!! I now have a nappied husband!

It seems that I had no idea how powerful nappies are at transforming a husband into a perfect, obedient, loving man and I highly recommend that all women should purchase an adult nappy and plastic panties and try it for themselves. I am sure you will be amazed at how a nappied-husband is the most adoring, loving husband any women could ever want!

Colette, Bristol, UK

We also offer a real-life TV Adult Baby Training School for TV Babies and Sissies. We are also helping GENUINE Adult Babies find their perfect Mommy, Daddy or Nanny of their dreams whilst kept locked in nappies.

We are based in England and can provide lovely lifestyle training for T-girl Babies and Sissies who wish to experience real-life service to either dominant Mistresses, dominant TV Mistresses, dominant Masters or simply to play with other little sissies and adult babies.

Whether you are into white cotton diapers, plastic nappies, sissy satin baby uniforms or rubber, we share your fetish!

We are unique! We are real! If you are a genuine T-girl Maid and would like more details, please email us and enclose a photo, your name, your Baby/Sissy name and a contact number.

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